2014 Garden Summary

It has been an eventful summer, so much so, it has kept me from posting the blogs I have been so excited to write about!  To make up for this short coming I will work backwards and summarize my growing season first.  My ultimate goal during the winter downtime is to provide you with some great blog topics to kick start your spring 2015 planting season!  Along the way, I’ll show you how to use and store what you grow.

In 2014 I started my planting fairly early but between the high-wind storms, heavy rain and hail a few things had to be planted twice. Some results were better than others and this was reflected in the overall harvest.  I have about 378 square feet of above ground planting space which calculates roughly to a 20 ft x 20 ft plot of ground.  This space resulted in plenty of fresh edibles along with excess processed into food storage for the winter.

I’m pleased with the outcome of this year’s harvest but enriching my soil has been an ongoing process – at times, a struggle.  Stay tuned to read about my struggles, solutions and ideas on putting more home grown produce on your plate!

Some of my summer harvest.
Some of my summer harvest.

Green Bush Beans
3 beds -36 sq. ft
14 total quarts picked
7 quarts frozen

1 bed -12 sq. ft
53 total picked
10 pints pickled

2 beds -24 sq. ft
201 total picked

Green & Red Peppers
1 bed -12 sq. ft
24 total picked
2 quarts frozen

Jalapeno & Banana Peppers
1 bed -12 sq. ft
29 total picked
3 pints frozen

Chili Peppers
3 plants – 6 sq. ft
12 total picked
12 dried for pepper flakes

1 bed – 12 sq. ft
3 total picked
4 cups shredded frozen

Spaghetti Squash
1 bed – 12 sq. ft
8 total picked
8 curing for fall/winter eats

1 bed – 12 sq. ft
10 total picked

1 bed – 12 sq. ft
2 total picked

1 bed – 12 sq. ft
10+ heads picked

3 beds – 36 sq. ft
126 total picked
100 hung up for winter use

5 beds – 60 sq. ft
30 pounds total harvested
For use over the next 3 or so months

Ground Cherries
1 bed – 12 sq. ft
4+ quarts
3 pints of jam

Ground Cherry Green Tea Jam with Candied Lemon Peel
Ground Cherry Green Tea Jam with Candied Lemon Peel

1 bed – 12 sq. ft
18 total picked
15 pickled as 1/2 pints

5 plants – approx 30 sq. ft
206 total picked
11 quarts, 3 pints Stewed
8 quarts, 16 pints Marinara Sauce
4 quarts, 2 pints Juice
1 shaker of Powder
7 pints of Chili Sauce/Sriracha

Tomatoes ready to can.
Tomatoes ready to can.
All canned!
All canned!


Dill, parsley, cilantro, oregano, basil, mint, green onion dried for spice rack

Cherry Tomatoes
2 plants
Everyday summer eating, I didn’t log what was picked

2 plantings
Rotated with lettuce, did not log

Raspberries & Asparagus
1 patch each
Started 2 years ago, producing very little but should increase next year

Enough Raspberries for fresh eating
Enough Raspberries for fresh eating

3 trees
Started this year – one fatality and it was my pollinator, so sad

2 trees
Started 2 years ago
6 apples picked for fresh eats

Crab Apples
1 tree
2, 5 gallon pails frozen whole for future juice extraction (jelly)

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