Stop Waste, Eat Soup and Clean the Fridge!


Eat Soup
Much talk has gone on lately over the issue of wasting perfectly edible food.  Whether due to our insane need to have our food appear visually appealing, restrictions on grocery and retailer “Best By” dates and in some cases sheer over abundance, we as humans are wasteful.

France has taken great strides in reducing needless food waste.  Perhaps America could learn a few things if we follow their example.  Unfortunately, the U.S. Government will remain bound by their endless web of regulation.  

So what can we do?  For starters, stop buying more than you need.  If you are still left with an over abundance issue, clean the fridge!  All those leftovers can be transformed, frozen or eaten as they are.  

In our house I am the designated Soup Queen.  Left over bits of diced onion, a small bunch of kale, an overly squishy tomato, yesterday’s breakfast sausage and a baggie of week old celery from my husband’s packed lunch.  These things may eventually be chucked into the garbage if not given the opportunity to transform.  Therefore, I clean the fridge and make soup!  If not soup then maybe the ever-popular one dish meal called a casserole.  No kidding, these are family favorites in our house, especially offerings topped with cheese or served with fresh baked bread.

There are many ways to use up those less than perfect foods.  Whether you freeze, dehydrate or eat leftovers for a week, don’t be wasteful.  One day you may wake up wishing you had the foods you so carelessly tossed away.  Go forth, clean that fridge and make soup!

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