IPL Session 1:  Oooo it tingles!


sans makeup 4 hrs after session 1
Ah, session one is complete.  I have to say, even after reading a load of information online about IPL skin rejuvenation, I didn’t exactly know what to expect.  The above photo was approximately 4 hours post procedure – a little pink.

The initial test patch gave me a hint of what was to come but it didn’t hit home until the entire face was prepped for treatment.  After cleaning the makeup from my face, ultrasound gel was liberally applied along with protective goggles.  If you’ve ever skied down a mountain in the peak of winter, it would give you an idea of the cool sensation.  

As many before me have relayed the feel of IPL flashes, it is much like a rubber band snap….times 30.  The process is not totally unbearable but I still couldn’t help jumping every time the machine was triggered.  The resulting sensation was that of a very mild sunburn.  This photo is now 3 days post procedure, still red, brown spots are a bit more pronounced but may slough off; after all, that’s why I’m doing this!


3 days post session 1
The remainder of my weekend revolved around hats, sunscreen and moisture!    A few tingles remain in the areas which were treated with a higher setting but again, totally bearable.  From the research I’ve done, things may look worse before they get better.  If I have any new developments I will be sure to share but for now I’m looking forward to my next treatment on July 3rd.

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