On the Organic Bandwagon 

Yes, it’s true, I’ve jumped on the organic bandwagon.  I had always believed natural goodness was better for you than pesticide/herbicide/fungicide laden or genetically altered foods.  What it came down to was one excuse – it was expensive to eat organic.  

After browsing articles online I ran across one which opened my eyes.  Boy did it and in a very big way.  Here was proof, we are what we eat.  Here was a family who committed to eating only organic foods for two weeks.  The toxicology results were astounding.  I’ve attached a link for the YouTube video cataloging their experience.  Perhaps if you watch it for yourself you may have an awakening also.


It appears in the end, even though eating organic is more expensive than conventionally grown food products,  they valued their own wellbeing more. This reflects my own values but until I saw a family of 5 making the commitment, I continued to make excuses.  

After personally vowing to eat more organics I’ve become less apt to waste anything I’ve paid more for and that makes me feel good.  I feel good about putting good things in my body and I feel good about providing that for my family.  My garden has gained even more purpose in putting healthful foods on the table.  The bonus, I no longer overbuy so as for spending more, I really haven’t.

I may not always eat purely organic but I do know every little bit helps.  For now I’m focusing on making changes where I can.  I purchase grass fed beef and shifted my focus to purchasing organic produce or growing it myself.  

Over the years controversy has grown over chemical use and genetically modified (GMO) foods.  I should count myself lucky to know they have labels for such things now!  Here’s a link to help you shop smarter.


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