IPL Session 2:  Easy Peasie

Session two wasnt nearly as tough.  The process was exactly as before, which is why I believe it was much easier on me.  I knew what to expect.  I did have her crank it up a couple notches because nothing came of our last session.  No sloughing of skin, just a little tingle for a couple days and some minor dryness along the bridge of my nose.

I’m writhing this less than 2 hours post-procedure and I’m just now starting to experience the “sunburn” sensation.  Very mild, much like the first go-round.  Here is a photo of my face 1 hour after session 2.  As you can see, that darned spot is still there and I have a bit of redness either from the IPL or simply because I have no foundation left on my skin.  If I have any further developments I’ll be certain to share them!

1 hour post-procedure

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