2015 Raised Bed Garden Update

This year’s garden has had a turbulent beginning.  We faced crazy rain, major fluctuations in temperatures and experienced a hard freeze just as seeds were popping through the ground.  In the end, we lost a lot of production not just in the garden but also in our fruit trees and bushes. The freeze very nearly wiped out our apple tree blossoms (all but 6 blossoms to be exact).

My lettuce and spinach grew like gangbusters which made for great spring salads.  The birds seemed to agree!  Once the finches got the taste of the fresh greens they moved to demolish the beets in the box next to it.  Who knew?!?

Two carrot plantings this season were literally washed away or pummeled into the ground.  As a result, I have about 5 (yes, just 5) carrot plants that came up.  Onions have faired well but as I type this we are under a high wind warning and expect to have quite a few bent necks.  Hello small onion harvest! 

With this wind I will be lucky to have anything left.  I’ve staked the green peppers and chilli peppers but they are slowly listing sideways.  I was hoping the green beans would stabilize themselves but it’s not looking good.  To top it off, I just don’t have the fertilization I require for the spaghetti squash so I’m trying to manage that by hand.

If these were feast or famine days my family’s future wouldn’t be looking so bright.  Thank goodness for organic Bountiful Baskets!

On the bright side, I have enjoyed a few green beans from my garden.  A handful of tomatoes have come in early which really gets me excited.  The cages should shelter the remaining tomatoes well enough but I tied those back with rope because this wind is brutal.  And, I’m raising my glass in hopes the potatoes will keep holding on in their sheltered area.

For now, I sit back and cross my fingers the winds die down soon.  I’m also coming to the realization I need a bigger garden so I can put up more food for years such as this.

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