IPL Session 3:  Progress!

Pumping up the juice on session 3 seems to show a little progress.  This is exciting for me as the first two sessions didn’t render any recognizable results. 

As seen in this photo taken within an hour or two after IPL, the area was quite red.  The main goal of this round was determining the level of IPL my skin could withstand without causing a burn all while attacking the pesky sun spot.


I was finally seeing the “coffee ground” effect on my skin approximately 2 days after the treatment.  By all accounts I’ve read, these dark brown areas with flake off in about 7-14 days.  Once gone, they should leave behind noticeably lighter skin.  Excellent!


As my skin continues to change the darker areas have migrated closer to the surface of the skin.  I’m crossing my fingers sometime during this week I will see a greater reduction in pigmentation.  I will just have to keep you all updated!  

As always people, use your sunscreen and stay tuned for future updates!


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