Essential Oils – My Foray Into Natural Healing

I hold closely to the frame of thought that God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt.  Although this is indeed true, I also grew up in a society who felt that boxed (processed) foods were just as good as fresh.  The shelf life was greater and the convenience of having an entire meal in a box was unmatched.  Even home care of what ailed you also took on a life of it’s own.  If you had a headache, you’d just pop a pill and viola it was gone.  If you didn’t feel good you ran to the doctor to get something prescribed unless 7UP or ginger ale could fix it.

Over the years I started learning for myself that things are not always what you are lead to believe.  As inexpensive and handy our processed foods are, they are also loaded with preservatives, sodium and chemicals I can’t even begin to pronounce.  FDA approved drugs are frequently revealing dangerous new side effects or being recalled for one reason or another.  And sadly, 7UP and ginger ale do not make good cures for stomach ailments (at least the “ginger” part was right).

*Gardening had always been something my family grew up doing so I ran with it.  This was my first step in recognizing the value of natural foods (by this I mean organic) and the role herbs can play in spicing up cuisine and healing the body.  I never knew fresh oregano was such an amazing blast of flavor until I grew it and learned to utilize it.  Not only was it a trip to Flavor Town but oregano is loaded with antioxidants and is naturally anti-bacterial.  Who knew?

I continued with my natural endeavors to include organic coconut oil for use as a moisturizer.  This lead me to creating my own lip balms (because I LOVE lip balm) and enriching them with Essential Oils.  Before I knew it, I was creating my own Essential Oil laced coconut oils to ease specific skin issues.  Thus began my foray into Essential Oils!

The best way to describe an Essential Oil is like squeezing the best part of a plant and it’s benefits into a bottle!  I’ve been excited to see what these concentrated oils will bring into my home and to my family (and maybe even my garden).  I’m looking to reduce our use of Big Pharma products, less man-made materials and chemicals the better.

Along the way I will share my journey with you – perhaps you can glean some residual benefits as well!

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