Oral Ranula: Update, kicking Mr. Ranula to the curb!

As much as I’d love to say my Essential Oils healed me, it is not so in this case.  Treatment with Palmarosa EO did help for a weekend but it didn’t solve the larger issue of having a blocked salivary gland.  This time, Essential Oils were a band-aid which most likely helped draw out a very small portion of the over abundant moisture.

My blockage seems to be in the exit dumping saliva into the mouth.  Something as simple as a scratch from a potato chip could have caused duct damage and allowed the opening to heal shut overnight.  I’m sure the doctor may check out a few other possibilities but he didn’t seem too concerned upon initial visit.

For now, I’m opting for a solution involving the creation of a new opening.  For me, that is much less invasive than removing the entire gland.  Removal carries with it a much higher risk of nerve damage.  Color me crazy but if I have to eat food for the rest of my life, I would much prefer tasting it!


So long dear, soon-to-be-deflated friend.  It has been nice knowing you and I honestly hope to never meet again.  Happy trails and all that jazz!  I will be sure to update my blog for all those twisted fun-seekers who care to share in the aftermath.

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