Unfortunately, There’s a Pill for That.


     After going through a recent ranula marsupialization procedure I was shocked to find out I had been given not one, not two, not even 3 prescriptions, but FOUR!  I realize an open sore in my mouth might not be residing in one of the cleanest places but four prescriptions seemed a bit overly aggressive.

At a time in my life when I’m really trying to get away from man made products to opt for more natural products I was beside myself. Growing up, if a doctor would prescribed you something, you took it and never questioned it.  In the 80’s the prescription pad held the cure and most times it was as simple as popping a pill or swallowing a teaspoon full of a magical liquid flavored like grape candy.  So, when I say I had a real internal struggle…I had a REAL internal struggle with following doctor’s orders.

I had no experience with a mouth wound of this scope and an infected salivary gland could lead to much bigger issues.  In the end, I felt I had to do everything I could to ensure the success of my procedure.  The last thing I wanted to do was have it fail due to improperly following directions from the doctor.  I made the decision to fill my scripts and do exactly what was expected of me.

As I was waiting for my amber bottles to be filled I took a real look at the humanity dependent upon modern medicine.  Big pharma really has us hooked!  The majority of people waiting with me were middle-aged, overweight, dull complected and generally unhealthy looking folks.  I was saddened after realizing what was becoming the average human condition was caused mainly by our choice of lifestyle.  I don’t mean simply what we eat or how active we are but in that moment it hit me.  We as humans had become reliant on quick fixes!

Big Pharma is almost entirely supported by our lifestyle choices.  We are unhealthy because we made the choice to rely on the easy way out instead of preventative medicine.  And, by medicine I mean healthy, natural habits and remedies passed down from generation to generation.  Man made chemicals, drugs, GMO food, all of it contributes to the degradation of a healthy human body.

Don’t get me wrong, yes, modern medicine has made some great strides in humanity’s history.  It will continue to do so even as we venture into a very uncertain future.  However, for myself, I know I made the right decision to pursue more natural ways to maintain my health.

So, the BIG question…did I continue with my plan to follow doctor’s orders?  Yes, yes I did.  As much as it pains me to say it, I am currently struggling through pill-popping antibiotics, inflammation reducers and swishing antibacterial mouthwash.  Much to my tummy’s dismay, I suffer through the upset stomach caused by these medications because I know the world is not what it was in my great grandmother’s era.  In this instance, the risk is too great to fail so I chose modern medicine…with a few applications of Frankincense essential oil for good measure.

Once things heal sufficiently, it’s back to natural healing for this woman.  Maybe some probiotics or naturally fermented foods to get my digestive tract back in order after being on antibiotics.  Frankincense to keep the oral site healthy and clean along with coconut oil swishing to rejuvenate the tissues.  It’s all about healthy, natural choices.  I want to ensure myself a future without having to rely on Big Pharma to “cure” me of the small stuff.

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