DIY Essential Oil Skin Care


Admittedly, this can be a very broad topic as many of the essential oils out there do awesome things for the skin.  *Most have antiseptic properties which can help keep the skin clear of bacterial blemishes.  Among other things, Elemi and Frankincense essential oils have been touted to reduce wrinkles and skin discoloration.  In my case, I want the benefits of all these things without drying my skin out.

Throughout the years I have always been a big believer in maintaining proper moisture.  After a bout with acne during my college years, water based moisturizer rescued me from ever worsening breakouts.  I had been taking the wrong road with my skin care regime, stripping my skin with harsh, drying, acne products which only made my skin worse.

As I’ve gotten…eh hem, a little more mature…dry skin has become the bane of my existence, especially in winter months.  The transition of seasons is harsh on my skin due to the need for heavier moisturizer which in turn does not react well with t-zone breakouts and flaky spots.

In an effort to get away from chemical laden skin preparations I have turned to the wonderful world of essential oils!  Below is a basic recipe for making Castile bar soap into an easier to use liquid form – you’ll need this for my face wash recipe.  By making your own, you’ll save yourself a good chunk of change. (yes, you can thank me later)

Castile Bar Liquid Soap

1  4oz bar of natural Castile soap (I used Kirk’s unscented)
2 3/4 cups boiling hot water

Grate Castile soap bar with a cheese grater.  In a sauce pot, take boiling water off heat and add soap shavings to heated water until dissolved.  Pour into glass or PBA free container for storage and use in future recipes.

Foaming Face Wash

1  foaming pump bottle
1/4 cup liquid Castile soap
1/4 cup filtered water
2 tsp vegetable glycerin
2 tsp jojoba oil
12 drops essential oils (2 lemon, 4 ylang ylang, 6 geranium)

Combine all ingredients and place into the foaming pump bottle.  Shake before use.

Mature Skin Moisturizer

1 container or storage pot
1/2 cup Organic coconut oil (solid)
1 tsp jojoba oil (optional)
20-25 drops essential oils (10 frankincense, 10 elemi)

You can choose to melt the coconut oil, combine ingredients and pour into a storage container.  OR, you can choose to whip the ingredients with a hand mixer.  **Extreme Dry Skin** add 1-2 Tbsp Shea butter and whip into the above recipe!

Many of you have various skin issues and types.  I can’t just assume you all get dry in the winter just because I do, so here’s a chart to help you design a cleanser and moisturizer specific to your skin type.

25 drops Essential Oil per 1/2 cup of carrier oil is a good general rule.
25 drops Essential Oil per 1/2 cup of carrier oil is a good general rule.

I plan to use these recipes year round, it takes some getting use to putting oil on your skin but the benefits are awesome!  Be sure to use sunscreen if you plan on being outside.

As always, if you are uncertain of any sensitivities you may have, do a patch test and check with your physician if you are concerned about possible interactions with other topical medications you may be using.  Also, please use high quality products – if you’d like more info, please message me, I’d love to chat!

Happy Oiling!

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