Recipe Revisions and New DIY EO Faves!

If you are reading this you are well aware of my love for anything having to do with Essential Oils.  I’ve posted a few recipies on my blog but I’m never one to settle if I can tweek things to make them better suit my needs.  So, without further ado let’s jump into it!

In one of my recent posts I shared my personal battle with dry skin during our winters here in North Dakota.  Typically, what works as a great moisturizer in summer does not work in the winter.  Such was the case for the original Mature Skin Moisturizer recipe.  With a couple additions it is even better and I cut the batch in half so it will fit exactly into my storage pot.
REVISED Mature Skin Moisturizer

1/4 C      Organic Coconut Oil (the firm stuff)

2 tsp.    Organic Shea Butter

8 drops.    Frankincense EO

4 drops.    Elemi EO

2 drops.      Patcholi EO
The next revision is a very important one!  After making my Kirk’s Castile bar soap into a liquid I was pumped I had something much easier to utilize AND I saved a boat-load of money.  The joyous dance was short lived as the mix cooled and semi gelled/solidified over the next week. This unfortunately effected the outcome of my foaming face wash which I had to warm in order to get it out of my foaming pump bottle.   On to revision #2.

REVISED Castile Bar Liquid Soap

1  4-oz bar of Castile soap

2 quarts water (very hot, not actively boiling)

2 Tbsp vegetable glycerine
Now on to a couple new menu items I’m adoring at the moment! Enjoy!

Lavender Honey Lip Balm

2 Tbsp natural Bees Wax shavings or pellets

2 Tbsp Organic Coconut Oil (again, the firm stuff)

1 Tbsp Organic Shea Butter

1 Tbsp Sweet Almond Oil

1 tsp Raw Honey

15 drops Lavender EO

5 drops Frakincense EO

Melt the first 4 ingredients on low heat, remove from heat , add honey and essential oils, stir.  While keeping the product moving (honey settles on bottom otherwise) pour into pots or tubes and allow to cool.
Natural Sore Throat Spray

In a 2 oz Amber glass bottle mix the following:

1.75 oz. very strong brewed Black Tea

2 tsp. Raw Honey

10 drops Thieves EO

4 drops Lemon EO

2 drops Clove EO

Shake prior to each use. Be careful when using with small children as it does tingle a bit at first.  Black tea contains natural analgesics to assist in pain relief, honey and lemon are natural humectants, clove for pain relief and thieves gets rid of those nasty germs!  I’ve found recipies using more oils (peppermint, etc.) to help mask the strong clove flavor but I didn’t mind it.


If you ever have dental work done or a tooth pulled, place a cool soaked tea bag over the area and bite lightly.  Pain will dissipate in a snap!

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