All Things Amazon

As a lover of all things Amazon I’m usually raving about deals found online.  This time of year, my order list is out-of-site with Christmas shopping made easy with a click of the mouse.  My one big beef you ask?  Well, keep reading and you will find out!

A few of you already know I’m a huge proponent of essential oils and quality organic products.  When it comes to Amazon marketing or rather various persons selling goods through Amazon;  many of the products are not created equal, however, the ‘words’ and ‘pictures’ try to make them appear so.  Most of us tend to believe what we are fed and sadly, we are not always fed full truths.

Any time I talk or write about essential oils I always note the importance of purchasing quality products and making sure they are the real deal.  Quality checked, pure, respectable ingredients brought to you from a producer you can trust.  Simply seeing a label does not mean you can trust it just by that identifying characteristic alone.

EO Oils

When purchasing essential oils you should always order direct or through a distributor you personally know and trust.  Many folks are after deals, heck, I’m even guilty of searching for the best value when I shop.  Don’t risk purchasing a possible tampered with or diluted version of something just to save a couple bucks.  You NEED to know what you may be consuming or placing on and in your body.

So, Amazon…dear, sweet, affordable Amazon (I’m shaking my head).  If you are a fan, I do not blame you one bit…BUT…please for the love and the many awesome powers of quality essential oils DO NOT GET DUPED!

Find someone near you who is a contracted distributor of the product you wish to purchase.  If you can’t find someone, perhaps you should consider becoming a distributor yourself.  You could reap the savings, quality assurance and the rewards of being a reliable seller of something you believe in so strongly.

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