My Magnesium Oil Mishap

This is a true story of how something so good for you can become oh, so bad!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a true believer that magnesium is something we all should supplement in our diet.  It can do great things!  But, there are a few things you should know first.


Today’s average diet largely consists of processed foods.  Sadly, these types of foods are full of sodium and preservatives and do not contain an adequate supply of magnesium.  You say you eat your vegetables?  Even our leafy greens may not be sufficient as crops are simply not grown the same way they once were; take hydroponics as one example.

Many things we come in contact with on a daily basis can severely deplete our body of its magnesium supply.  Coffee, alcohol, dark colored soda pop, diuretics, heart and asthma medications, birth control pills and estrogen replacement therapy (ERT).  All of these things either directly or indirectly contribute to a loss of magnesium in our bodies.  And trust me, the list could go on!

Anywhere on the web you can find articles and studies supporting the fact that we as humans are deficient of magnesium.  Some articles go so far as to say the lower our magnesium intake the higher the rate of inflammation in our bodies.  Inflammation is a key factor in the development of many diseases we see today.  Heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and diabetes are just some examples of the diseases running rampant in our country.

Ever experience facial or eye twitches?  How about muscle cramps, fibromyalgia or just poor sleep?  Constipated, feeling run down, always anxious?  Well, the reason could be your body’s need for more magnesium!  See the chart below for the daily requirements your diet should consist of.  Whether it’s through supplementation or through your diet, make sure you are getting enough calcium so magnesium can be more readily absorbed and utilized.


Age Male Female
14–18 years 410 mg 360 mg
19–30 years 400 mg 310 mg
31–50 years 420 mg 320 mg
51+ years 420 mg 320 mg


Over the past couple years I’ve started supplementing my own diet with Magnesium tablets.  Typically, I would experience eye and muscle twitches which became quite annoying pretty quick.  I started to research my “involuntary winking” and I found that magnesium was exactly what I was missing.

Via my research, I also became educated on the fact that Epsom salts (high in magnesium) are good for fertilizing my citrus trees and clearing constipation.  The latter of the two uses comes as a result of the body’s function in getting rid of excess magnesium.  <- This fact is an important key point!

I also found that magnesium can be absorbed through the skin via magnesium oil or magnesium lotion.  Since I’m always using coconut oil and Shea butter to keep away dry winter skin I decided to make my own.  Economically speaking, this is an inexpensive way to increase your magnesium intake!

blue bottle

The widely used recipe is 1 part Magnesium Chloride Flake to 1 part water.  Heat the water in a non-metallic pot, stir in the flake until dissolved and VIOLA!  Keep the mix in a glass spray bottle and apply a few squirts after showering, add to lotions etc., you get the drift.

The only thing I did different with my mix (50/50 water & Mag Chloride) was adding the final product to a body spray I made with vodka and essential oils.  Let me start by saying this, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND IT!  The side effects were not pleasant and I lost 2 nights of sleep over it.

Night 1 application started out great, a few squirts on my abdomen I smelled heavenly!  A few hours later I awoke to a pretty good sized wet spot – yes a wet spot – on my nightgown, on my abdomen area.  Since my husband is a furnace at night I had just assumed he had his arm around me where I then became sweaty.  I hopped out of bed, changed my gown and proceeded to battle with a never-ending volley of tummy troubles and a headache.  Did I have to go?  No.  Yes. Maybe. No.  Up and down I went all night.  I thought it was the salad.

Night 2 application, I smelled just as heavenly although I was starting to be suspicious due to the previous night’s events.  I applied less and went to bed.  Again, a few hours later, a bit less sweaty in the area I applied the magnesium oil mixture but it was there!  Yes. No. Maybe. Yes.  Up and down AGAIN!

Needless to say, I haven’t had the guts to try it for night 3.  I’ve since poured out half the bottle and diluted with water but I’m like a caveman that has touched fire twice…a third time might not be such a good idea.

Perhaps adding the “oil” to the vodka based body spray wasn’t the best idea.  Maybe it was some weird interaction with the oils and the liquor that pushed the mix over the edge?  Right now, I don’t want to know the chemistry of it all – I just know its a chemistry I don’t like.

I may try the oil recipe again, this time without taking my own liberties of altering the recipe.  Maybe, I’ll just stick with my supplements and call it good.  As always, I’ll keep you updated!


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