Week 2: Demo – It’s A Dirty Job


As a spring chill settles in I’m forced out of the yard and into the house. There’s so much to be done, yet there’s only so much I can do with my own two hands. In a perfect world, my husband would have been able to work along side me during the demolition process. Never fear, will get his chance this weekend!
I’ve been able to rip out the upper cabinets in the kitchen to make room for bulk head removal. This will allow for taller cabinets to increase the overall storage in this small kitchen. The bonus? The ceilings will appear taller and mesh well with the open floor plan we have in mind.  

Kitchen uppers removed

I have also worked hard on removing some of the drywall in the existing stairwell. This will be relocated later on in our remodel project so we can gain more square footage in our livable space. The house is already feeling brighter and I’m getting more excited to see our vision take shape!

Stairwell demo between living & kitchen

Speaking of taking shape, the master bedroom is completely opened up to reveal plenty of space for a king sized bed and get this…a small 1/2 bath!! Originally, I didn’t think we could gain enough space to make this possible. By utilizing one of the existing doorways and a small closet we will have just enough room for a toilet and a sink. It will be small but very functional!
Master bedroom & future 1/2 bath

The demo plans will continue on into the weekend for us. We hope to get the majority of the dirty work completed so we can start patching, building and creating the new space.  With a little luck, my son might be able to get our garden plot cleared while my husband and I work on the house. My plants are itching to get their toes in the ground even though my green thumbs are a bit stiff and achy from working on other things.

Many times you might across notes or long lost treasures when remodeling. Always keep your eyes peeled!

Hidden love note in the wall

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