Week 3: Establishing Gardens – Dirt, rock and old treasures

We are tuckered out as WEEK 3 and planting season is just beginning. Thanks to my son and a handy skid steer rental the garden cut has been opened up! It’s easily three times the size of our garden in the old house!!!

The new garden cut being born

Much to my husband’s dismay, this garden cut brings with it the huge chore of not only tilling, but rock picking and fertilizing.  Navigating a mine field of discarded parts and what appear to be infant boulders proved trying.  

Garden completely opened up

 I swear I told this man I’d be willing to skip the garden this year! Really, I swear! With so much going on in the house remodel I didn’t want us stressing about putting gardens in. However, he insisted this was one of the reasons we made the move so we should get them done.

On top of the garden space I chose, my husband decided the lure of sweet corn was just too great. He wanted his own area to grow a few rows for fresh eating and maybe (if I’m lucky) for freezing. A great idea, yes…but more space to till and pick!  

The husband’s corn field

By the end of next weekend, the goal is to get the garden planted and on its way to producing our first year of crops on the new homestead. Luckily, we’ve already been blessed with harvesting the existing plantings of asparagus and rhubarb. The raspberries, apples and cherries are sure to come this fall.  
The hunt is also on for a new contractor to help us with a few major remodeling jobs. I would love to start seeing some forward progress in the house! Cabinets and appliances are coming within the next couple of weeks. It’s exciting, but we are no where near ready for any of that stuff yet. Sigh.

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