Week 3: Summary Of Things

WEEK 3: Summary
     As week 3 comes to a close I find myself simply being thankful for the gifts the good Lord has blessed us with. I’m thankful for the kind people He has placed on this earth and for the ability to do what we are doing.
     In fact, if it weren’t for Milt, we would still be trying to till up our newly opened garden. How the heck they did this before cultivators were invented is beyond me?!  

Milt and the cultivator

     In any case, the garden is getting planted today! Yay! It’s a bit later than usual for us but not far off what most people in this northern climate shoot for. The spring has been unseasonably warm this year; I wish we could have taken advantage of that.  

     Decisions have also been made about converting the potting shed to a duck/chicken coop. I’m very excited about this as I think he shed will be perfect once we make a few adjustments. We even procured a vintage nesting box from a farmer friend (thanks Dennis); with a little repair it will be awesome once again! Stay tuned for updates!

Future duck & chicken coop

     Our ducks have grown leaps and bounds over the last few weeks. They are slowly acclimating to being around myself and the dogs. I wish I could say the same for the dogs but, baby steps. So far one of the Rouen’s heads is just showing a hint of green (a drake…a male) and the other two, I’m crossing my fingers will be female.
Female rouen?

     As for the house remodel, we are at a standstill. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, has been done this week beyond finishing up removing carpets and hauling them to the dump. Over 2000 pounds this go round.

     Appliances and cabinetry have all arrived. They just sit there taunting me with their newness and future convenience. 4-6 weeks, maybe a bit more before we are going to be ready to install them. Once again, I sigh, while trying to remind myself that good things come to those who practice a little patience.

Cabinet delivery

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