Week 4 Summary: Progress – a result of time, effort and perseverance

WEEK 4: Summary

     Progress is progress, forward movement, small steps made towards reaching the ultimate goal. Week 4 is coming to a close and its hard for me to grasp the fact we’ve been at the new farm for an entire month already. Few things have gotten finished, others are in a state of demolition and finally we have a glimmer of forward movement on the house remodel. There have been a few hurdles along the way and I’m certain there will be more we must overcome.  

     The coop is moving along at a snail’s pace but it’s coming along nicely. Many cracks have been patched and an extremely large hole in the floor has been repaired. Plans have been drawn up for the pen area, a duck pond created and soon we will have a door for coop-to-pen access. My days of a being a duck shuffler will be much easier!

Coop crack filling
The ducks love their pond

     The garden continues to do well in response to a few days of rain…with more to come! Southern winds have calmed down immensely and if my tomatoes could hug me they’d be all over me! The contractor bags did a great job of protecting them from the brutal wind and half-inch hail. The next garden job will be border fence installation to keep out the wildlife…which also includes the dogs.

     Progress, deliciously sweet progress, has been made on the house. In order for the remodel to begin we had to have some cement work completed to prep for the stairwell removal. The dogs ended up putting their stamp of approval on this portion of the project. Personally, I think it’s a great memory to have but my husband was less than thrilled with their “stamps”.  

Cement ready to be poured
Doggie stamps!
          Our new stairs will be shifted into a portion of our garage to create a more livable space within the house itself. Soon, contractors will be able to move the stairs and dig into the guts of the house, installing headers and removing walls.  
Newly poured stairwell

     Meanwhile, I scrape foam padding from bedroom floors (yes, it was glued down) and keep up with daily chores. Dinners still need to be cooked, laundry to be done and dogs to be kept in line. I haven’t been this divinely sore in ages and when fall rolls around I might need a pamper day that includes a manicure and pedicure​, my nails have never been so dirty!

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