Week 5: The Poultry Palace and ohhhhh so much more!

This week started with a plethora of activity all commencing with a 3-day holiday weekend. Earlier in the week I was able to complete the coop-to-pen opening in the newly designated chicken coop (formerly the potting shed). However, further work was required to give our future poultry security from the elements as well as predators.

My coop to pen door

Saturday began with digging post holes to help secure the main corner posts for our chicken pen. Hardware fabric was installed to completely enclose the area which included steel panel roofing. Hopefully our chickens don’t feel too privileged…ha ha.

Husband working on the pen roof
It is almost finished!
Two bright spots in our day were a couple of visitors we are so thankful to count as our good friends. Thanks Amy & Woody, we look forward to seeing you again soon!

After such a long Saturday we were ready for a rest, but that was not in the cards for us this weekend. Due to bad weather looming on the horizon for Monday we had to make an 8 hour Sunday drive to Fargo and back to pick up new flooring for the house.  

The trip was easy on our backs but we could have used a lazy morning to sleep in. My husband and son might argue the “easy on our backs” portion of this paragraph. They had the unfortunate duty of unloading 52, very heavy boxes of hickory flooring. Yikes!

Memorial Day was another hustle and bustle day. Lawn work and a couple coop finishes gave us little down time before the big rains hit. Rain, and hail, which for the second time in as many weeks, the garden did survive. Our plantings were in need of the intermittent drizzle; so I guess you take the good with the bad and cross your fingers for the best.

The soggy weather did allow us to light up a huge pile of brush the previous owners had accumulated. It’s now a pile of ash, silently smoldering with remnants of at least a couple generations of mice.

Brush pile be gone!
Our cement work has also had its final pour and is ready for the next phase of evolution. Contractors are welcome any time but from what I hear, we are still a couple weeks out from their arrival.  

All in all, it was a productive beginning to week 5…onward into June we march!  And…as I was typing this we had a 3rd round of very small hail, when will this craziness end?!

The storm departing

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