Week 5 Ends: On Guard – fencing our food

WEEK 5: Summary

WEEK 6: Commencing

As we end week 5 and start week 6 I’m really starting to feel OLD. Yes, the days have long since passed me by where I might be sore for a couple of days and feel good from there on out – like when you’d start a new sport…in high school. These days, I’m constantly sore and every joint hurts!

Never the less, we continue to push through our old aches and pains to gain some semblance of forward progress. This weekend my husband and I had our sights set on completing the fencing around our monstrous garden.

Deer sightings have increased and they are not afraid to come into the yard even as we and the two dogs are standing there watching them. Mind you, a 4-foot fence will not stop deer but it will take a little extra effort on their part. I’ll be happy enough the fence will keep the dogs from traipsing through!

the garden coming in

As you can see, things are finally taking shape in our new garden. Fence posts were put in with the help of my son. Welded wire fencing and two gates were installed by my husband and myself. We even added an old horseshoe found on the property for luck and a pitchfork passed to me from my grandparents Abe and Irene. These additions are reminders of the past now making its way into the present; a way of life being preserved through our new homestead.

walk-in gate

The peonies are in full bloom, irises are making their appearance and we are discovering so many fruit trees our heads are spinning! I’m already daydreaming of canning season and what wines I can make this fall once our situation slows down a bit!

irises in bloom

We’ve even made a little headway on the house interior. In preparation for the contractors to start within the next week or so, much of the Sheetrock, wiring and baseboard heaters have been removed. We have such a long way to go but once the major “bones” are revised, we’ll be flying along so fast we’ll have to duck to avoid bug splatter! Quite a visual huh?

opening walls…as the cat naps
the view from the front door

So, I leave you with a nice shot of my peonies in front of the chicken coop as I prepare to go mow the lawn. Today might be a day to play a few tunes while riding on the Cub Cadet…I’m feeling a bit spunky!

peonies in front of the coop

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