Week 8: Contractors Rock!

WEEK 8:  Comes to a Screeching Halt

Oh boy! What a productive week this has been! We ended our official first 2 months at the property with a flurry of contractor work and it has made a remarkable difference. It pushed us to get busy and do a few things we’d been dragging our feet on.  Much thanks to Shane and Gary for all your hard work!!!

We worked late to replace wiring and added new switch boxes in preparation to follow through with our kitchen design plans. An attic ladder was installed last night becoming the second night in a row of working-till-midnight. This late work allowed the contractor team to get in there and hang Sheetrock…a blessing that we didn’t have to do it.

Stairs moved, wall studs removed, new walls put up, header installation and ceiling support work have been a large part of this week’s agenda. Our laundry room is now officially its own entity. The kitchen has a clearly defined space that is open to the living room and the new basement stairwell. Sheetrock covers all of this framework and now my husband and I have a gigantic laundry list of what must be done next.

Seeking an experienced drywall person to tape and mud seams is at the top of our to-do list or else we will be going it alone. Whoever finds joy in having anything to do with drywall has to be twisted because my experience so far has not been pleasant one. Over the past week I’ve sanded seams in the master bedroom and even managed to prime the closet moulding to prep for white trim paint. And…my date for this evening is still with a bucket of mud and a spatula.

On the dirt side of life here at our homestead we are rolling in radishes, pak choy and spinach! I have to say, it’s a little frustrating having a garden full of salad ingredients yet we will be waiting a long time for cucumbers and tomatoes to come in.

This weekend’s treat will consist of store bought tomatoes and garlic along with last season’s garden onions, this season’s garden cilantro (yum yum), a dash of lime juice, salt and pepper. I adore pico de gallo…on just about anything.  All in all, the garden is doing great. Soon enough we will have some zucchini and lettuce hitting the plate next!

A gratuitous pic of the dogs running thru a field of foxtail. I’ve since learned we need to beware of the barbed foxtail seed and our dogs. No worries, no dogs were harmed in the shooting of this photo.

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