Week 11: Winding Down

For me, this is a wind down week.  In a couple of days I travel back home to Michigan leaving my husband in charge of EVERYTHING.  From the garden to dogs, ducks and chickens and the house remodel, he gets to handle it all.  All while taking a nice vacation from yours truly.  And, yes, he told me as much,”…some time to be by myself”, he said.  

This week’s breakdown is an easy one.  Priming and painting the living room, dining room and kitchen, top to bottom.  You think it would go quicker but it doesn’t.  You just get closer to being finished every trim coat and round of edging you do.  My husband has been hard at work sanding various areas ahead of me and now we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

During my husband’s vacation away from his wife, he plans on finishing up some wiring and installing recessed lighting.  On Thursday, as I was waiting for paint to dry, I was able to mark out prospective locations for his review.  I’m hoping we don’t have to make too many adjustments but it all depends where the trusses fall.  Being the Girl Scout I am, I even made up a quick diagram with measurements…wouldn’t want the tape to fall off the ceiling you know!

During break time I visit with the chickens for ‘handling time’.  I want to make sure these sweeties get used to be around me and I want the ability to pick them up without causing too much stress on either of our parts.  Treats definitely help make this process painless.  Their favorite snack?  Dried meal worms!  They are high in protein and I’m assuming they taste good too!

The ducks are also faring well.  They made a complete mess of the covered pen so now they have been relegated to the outdoor pen next to the chickens. The two got along just fine but the water useage was outrageous!  Before long, the drinkers were empty and the chickens were left in a muddy mess with no water to drink.  They still stay in the same coop at night with one drinker which at the moment seems to be enough.

The garden is growing like crazy due to this past week of rain and a bit of hail.  I have spaghetti squash the size of footballs, beets the size of fast-pitch softballs and the green beans are just coming in.  My husband will have his work cut out for him while I’m away!  

On top of the garden harvest there are also raspberries, apricots and cherries coming in!  My day gets pretty long when taking into account the harvesting, chicken handling and house painting I do.  Secretly, I’m looking forward to this little vacation as much as my husband is.

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  1. Everything is looking good! I know the progress may seem painstaking and slow, but the reward will be so great. Looking forward to more blog posts. Have a great vacation.

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