Week 16: I See Light!

This week pretty much blurred into last week…or vice versa. In my mind, trim was quick, easy and simple. Reality however was frighteningly different in the sense it’s taking us far longer than the trim utopia we had envisioned.  

Not only are we blowing through trim, I forgot nails make holes, holes need to be filled and filler needs to be painted to match. At this point, half our trim has been installed. Round 3 of trim buying and painting will commence today; hopefully that will be the end of it.

On the upside, we were able to move some furniture into the rooms that were completely trimmed out. The master bedroom and guest room both have beds! Yay! Random furnishings were also brought into the living room to be cleaned up and felt feet attached. Nearly 4 months of dust did find its way into the Quonset and under the plastic sheeting we had draped over everything.

One large goal for the weekend was installing the kitchen’s upper cabinetry. We made so much forward movement on this goal we ended up placing the base cabinets and appliances. This meant we are able to use our quartz template to solidify measurements so we can get the countertops on order during week 17!

In the midst of the house work I still managed to harvest more produce from the garden. Spaghetti squash, potatoes, cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes and okra were all in my wheelbarrow this week. Just today I found enough energy to pickle and freeze some okra. Remember the turkey fryer I used to blanch my green beans? Once again it came in handy for a little back yard canning!

The ducks are all out free ranging, even our new additions. This past week we added 3 crested ducks to the mix, 2 hens and a drake. My husband wanted to name the drake Buckwheat (obvious reasons) while I ended up naming the two hens Diller (as in Phyllis Diller) and Tootie (Facts of Life). I’m still planning for a couple more hens. After that, my husband will probably handcuff me to make sure I don’t take in anymore animals.

For now, I’m very happy. Happy that we are moving forward, moving in (soon) and can see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. It has been a long hard-working summer, yet very short when it comes to summer fun. We will definitely make more time for that next year!

And finally, to top off our week and some of the best news, our other house has finally sold! We knew it was a gamble to purchase this farm without selling our home but thankfully it worked out for us. My husband no longer has two yards to mow or two house payments to make. What a blessed summer we’ve had!

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