Week 20: Duck Eggs & Bacon, Anyone?


Holy smokes!  It’s been 20 weeks or 5 months since we officially started this crazy journey!  Time has passed fairly quickly but in some instances and I’m sure my husband would agree…it has been agonizingly slow.  The amount of remodeling we have completed astounds me yet I’m sure most of you wonder what in the world has taken us so long.  Well, the majority of the work we’ve done ourselves, mainly on the weekends and after work (in my husband’s case) and in between regular farmstead duties (in my case).

As for the farmstead duties, they have started to pay off, initially with the success of the garden and now…with eggs!  Oh I know it’s early but our ducks have finally started to lay some eggs for us.  At first I thought I was seeing things, I had to do a double take as I was walking thru the coop.  On the floor in a little corner nook was a beat up little egg.  Further inspection of the duck bedding area yielded yet 2 more eggs!  That’s 3 in all.  The photo shows the darker of the 3 eggs as I didn’t snap a shot of the white egg.  Duck eggs taste great by the way.  The next day I boiled them up and ate one while it was still warm, tasty!

Most of the week was spent on odd jobs around the farm.  I stayed inside mostly, close to a place to rest my back and to the ice I was supposed to be using.  This didn’t mean I sat around eating Bon bons and reading a good book, on the contrary.  I cleaned, installed bathroom blinds, did laundry and managed to make a couple batches of ice cream.  Final touches were put on some crown moulding in the kitchen, another batch of okra pickles made, items hung on walls and the bathroom cleaned from top to bottom.

The week was almost “normal” for lack of a better word.  I’m hoping this next week will prove to be a bit more constructive on the kitchen front.  Cross your fingers!


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