Week 29 & 30: Thanksgiving

Well folks,’tis the season for slowing down a bit, putting the focus back on family and simply being thankful.  My husband and I have been enjoying the fact that projects are slowing down or at the very least, have been put on pause.

During week 29, Duck For Dinner was just about the biggest thing I did all week.  Yes, there were a few small things I was able to get finished but they are not really worth writing about at this point.

For my husband, it was nice knowing that he didn’t have to rush home at the end of a long workday only to start in on another big project.   Because he’s not one to stay still for long, he did blow in some much needed attic insulation over this past week (it didn’t take us long).  He also installed lighting in the garage so we could set up for a few fun projects that will be started over the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend.

Next on our list, we will be constructing my long awaited kitchen island and installing overhead lighting.  I look forward to sharing completed photos of this final addition to our kitchen remodel.

You may see me back posting after Thanksgiving…somewhere around week 31.  It will be a pleasure sharing a long weekend with my son and my husband.  Those men work so hard during the week so I’m sure they’d agree that time off is just what the doctor ordered.

With so much negativity in the world there is still a lot to be thankful for!  For us, this past year has been a roller-coaster ride with the purchase of our farm and the resulting remodel.  I’m pretty sure I can speak for my husband when I say, we wouldn’t have it any other way.  We are so thankful everyday for the life we live and the people we choose to share it with.

 I wish all my readers a Happy Thanksgiving and urge you to take advantage of this time with your loved ones.  Be sure to tell them just how thankful you are to have them in your life, words from the heart can speak volumes!


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