Alas, The Kitchen Island

It has been months in the making…literally.  This design was conceived weeks before moving to the farm and my husband started work on it before packing up his tools.  

When we first rescued this old TV cabinet from my brother’s home (previously my grandparent’s home) I knew I had to do something special with it.  Long ago my grandparent’s had removed the mechanical and electrical workings of the Westinghouse television but the outside fared pretty well.  For a while my niece used it and if I remember correctly she even swore the thing was haunted.  Overall, the cabinet was in great condition and just needed a little TLC.

My first thought was a wine cabinet but once we found our dream home I knew there would be no room for something like that.  Instead my creative juices flowed to the idea of a kitchen island.  

With my husband’s help and patience, the old cabinet was transformed into useable storeage from both sides.  The living room side would be used for liquor storage while the kitchen side was set up to support my baking needs.

It was important to me to preserve the original look of the centerpiece.  By constructing a new back wall we were able to keep the front function and detail.  We kept the Westinghouse logo as well as the unique circular vent or speaker piece (I’m not sure which).  

The kitchen side looks amazing and is very functional for storage of measuring cups, spatulas etc..  The baskets bring in some feminine country style while the hidden storage is a great parking spot for my Kitchenaid mixer.  

Inside the kitchen side doors is a lifting shelf designed for heavy kitchen appliances such as the Kitchenaid stand mixer.  Contained within this area are all my attachments and bowls as well as our fryer.  One wall was left unpainted in order to show the original function as a TV.  I even left the serial and model number sticker unpainted as a little reminder of what my husband and I created.

The final island was topped off with the same countertop as the rest of the kitchen.  This was THE same island counter top we had to reorder due to damage that happened during transit when we ordered it from Menards.  The second time around the counter top was sheer perfection.

Electrical was also encorporated into our island to make it the ultimate useful workspace.  We should have no problems using the island to mix up cookies or to cook chili in the crockpot.  

My last addition was a towel bar.  I was tired of towels hanging on the dishwasher or stove as every time I’d use these appliances the towel would have to be removed or it would drag on the floor.  This solved that issue.

Island lighting will eventually be installed but I am over the moon happy that we’ve gotten this close to completion!

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