Week 33:  Much the same as the last, only colder.

If you are expecting or rather hoping Dirt On My Plate has something different to share with you this week then this blog post will be a sore disappointment.  This week was much the same as last week.  The only difference?  It was much colder out.

With the end of the week came very cold temperatures somewhere in the -10 to -20 degree range without windchill.  With windchill, we are talking -47 at night…brrr!  

The birds fared well as the coop heater was switched to the ON position, keeping the night time temp around 35 degrees Fahrenheit.  Sun during the daytime hours triggered the thermostat a brief respite until the super cold snap faded away.  Currently,  the chickens and ducks are back without heat but overall they have no idea what they missed.  At least they have all their combs and toes with loss of only 2 eggs which froze solid.

 The dogs were quick to do their business and our consistant state of snow removal was brutal.  In my opinion, no man nor beast was made for the cold weather we experienced this week.  Fire wood burnt up in record time while thermal draperies were closed when the sun went down.  In spite of all this, we swore we could still feel a breeze in the house.  Oh the mysteries!

Inching ever closer to Christmas, cookies were made and presents were wrapped.  A Christmas ham was bought and cards to friends and family were (mostly) sent out.  

With the holidays upon us I’m trying hard to keep up the good cheer all while realizing winter work on the farm is…HARD.  Although this winter has not been a typical season, in a way I think it was best for us to get “broke in” this way.  The other 3 seasons will seem easy, right?  Piece of cake!

Perhaps planning out next year’s garden will help soothe me.  Or, maybe a coffee with irish cream might suffice for now.

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