Week 34: ‘Tis The End

It’s a time for change, a little evolution and perhaps a few New Year’s resolutions.  To go along with this theme I’m changing up a few things on Dirt On My Plate, my weekly update posts are coming to a conclusion.  Never fear, you’ll still see me post but you’ll no longer see the dreadfully boring titles such as Week 44  or Week 50: Almost A Year!

Quite frankly, I loose track of my weeks regularly and must resort to scrolling through my previous posts to see what week I’m on.  Ever increasingly I also have noticed a slow down of interesting activity.  Fewer projects, too many pictures of white snow and whining about how cold I am.

Yes, we will still have projects.  Our list of things to do will NEVER END.  Look forward to blogs about laundry room and bathroom remodel, stainless cable stair rail and perhaps a computer desk project for my son.  

I’ll always have random posts about essential oils, homemade this and handmade that.  Cooking and canning successes and failures or perhaps some new wine recipes.  If I’m real lucky, maybe I’ll come across the cure for doggie flatulence…I could use some of that now…whoooooo!

Speaking of dogs, I’ll also have plenty of animal posts because if one thing is for certain, those darned animals keep me on my toes.  There’s typically something new or slightly crazy that I will inevitably encounter and of course I’ll have to share it with you!  

Spring will usher in adventures in egg incubation, planting a second year garden and hopefully posting a few recipes that involve the abundant rhubarb we have here on the property.

And…turkeys…my husband would like to raise a couple birds for our table along with a few more chickens as meat birds.  If you thought my first experience with butchering was a hoot perhaps we will have a few more follies to share with you.

So, may old weekly formats be forgotten and 2017 be full of interesting blog topics.  I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and that Santa was as generous to you as he was to us!  Although we experienced our 3rd blizzard this winter, on Christmas day, this time we were prepared with our recent tractor purchase.  We are ready for the New Year!

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