Another Fork & It’s In The Road


At some point in life we all have to decide what it is we want to do.  Do we follow our passion?  Can we even claim to have a passion?  What talents do we have that others may not?  What can we offer society and still feel blissfully happy and excited to get up each morning?

I’ve been doing a lot of praying on this particular subject.  While I love my life here on the farm, I’m not sure it holds much significance beyond setting a somewhat meager example to others.  Maybe, just maybe, it could turn into something more?

For the younger generations, it was my hope that Dirt On My Plate would spark thoughts of the future.  Not a future where without their smartphones or the internet they’d be lost.  I’m talking about a future where they could survive without grabbing food from the nearest grocery or drive-thru.  It sounds a bit doomsday-ish but societal collapse happens folks.

Maybe this is something they will never have to worry about.  But, if not them, it could be their children or their children’s children.  In any case, I believe we should all make a conscious effort to pass along useful knowledge.  Yes, gardening, raising chickens and food preserving could one day save lives!

Furthermore, by sharing my farm follies other 30 or 40-somethings might consider making a radical lifestyle change.  They only need to act before age and health makes those decisions impossible.  As scary as it may be, the act of living isn’t about staying static in a place of comfort and monotony.  Living is about creating new experiences and adventures.

As I find myself at a fork in the road I know I need to move forward with something.  Something that will, A.) benefit others, B.) allow me to do the things I love, and C.) make money.

I feel I have no particular skill beyond what any average Nellie has.  As the saying goes, “I’m a Jack of all trades but a master of none.”  Perhaps that’s my life’s calling, to be an example to every other “average person” out there?


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