Final Update:  Broody, Bloodied & Hopeful

Ok, here’s the last installment of Diller and her quest to become a mother.  Yes, she survived the dog attack with no lasting injury.  Over the course of 28 days she held fast to her massive pile of eggs…hissing and snapping at anything coming near.  

Two days ago on my daily check…I saw little feet.  A single yellow duckling had emerged from underneath momma Diller.  You can probably imagine my excitement but you really had to be here to see me hopping around like a loon.  Secretly, even my husband was thrilled for her.

The following day I waited for more.  Two dead in shell, the membranes dried to quickly before they could get out.  

Yesterday, a stench like none other wafted it’s way across the yard.  Overtaken by flies and the putrid aroma, I knew I had to sort out whatever was going on.

Removing Diller and her baby I sorted through the remaining eggs.  Every. Single. One. ROTTEN.  After placing Diller and Peep in the coop for the night I came to a decision, sending them to live on another farm.  All of my ladies including Ethyl, Lucy, Tootie & Diller made the trip via a dog kennel in the back of my truck.  Peep, sweet Peep, snuggled in my sweater pocket to stay warm on the long drive.  

Don’t be sad, they will be spoiled and Peep will have a brooder full of freshly hatched ducky friends.  


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