Swap.com Review

You may have read all about my wonderful experiences with ThredUP.com but have you heard of Swap.com?  As you know, Thred UP caters to women and children, but not to men…YET.  Because of this fact I searched the web for a online used clothing store that offered men’s items.   A quick Google search had Swap.com on my radar.

Swap.com claims to be one of the leading online consignment stores carrying a wide variety of goods. Not only do they carry used clothing for men, women and children, they also offer toys, decor and sportswear.  They’ve got many things a penny pinching shopper like myself might need for my family.  

Their website does a great job of displaying and relaying the condition of the items they sell.  At times you’ll even find pieces that are new-with-tags at a fraction of the price you would find them in stores.  Bonus!

Shipping for orders over $60 is free.  Orders under $60 start out around $6 for standard shipping.  Very comparable to other sites I’ve seen and used. 

Refunds are pretty simple to navigate and the Swap.com policy is fairly standard.  Refunds for damaged or missing items are 100% cash refundable.  Those items that do not fit or are otherwise not accepted can be returned for store credit.  Various other terms apply depending on the situation.

I made my initial order on the 4th of July.  I went searching for that long lost pair of jeans my husband said, “…were the best fitting pair I ever owned.”  You know the kind.  The kind as they start to get worn with holes or become generally unwearable, makes you want to cry.  Perhaps that’s just the girl in me talking?

In any case, I found 2 pairs of Banana Republic jeans that fit the bill.  They were not the 50+ dollars I’ve seen before on other sites.  They were far less expensive due to being used, sold as consignment and otherwise gently worn.  In fact, the total came to just $20.80 with a free shipping coupon! 

By July 6th I received an email notification that my shipment was being prepared.  Shortly thereafter another email noted the jeans were being shipped via FedEx with a tracking number.  I continued to watch this tracking info which stated I would receive my order no later than July 15th.  On July 12th the package was in my hot little hands.  

The packaging was adequate for to articles of clothing.  The only damage being a small tear in the plastic shipping bag.  Fortunately, the jeans were individually wrapped and intact.  If any moisture, dirt or dust would have made their way into the package, the jeans would have been unaffected.

Both pairs of jeans were in great condition.  They smelled good, appeared clean and had no visible damage.  The only surprise was the fact that one pair was button fly while the second pair donned a standard zipper.  This could have been my own oversight but I don’t recall seeing it in the product description.

I am pleased with my first experience ordering from Swap.com.  Although my husband was adamant he would rather try clothing on in a store, the deal was just too good for me to pass up.  Hopefully, he won’t be too upset that they magically appeared in his closet.

If ever I’m in need of a particular clothing item, I can now add Swap.com to my list of websites to check out first.  Gently used items are nothing to squawk at, I have a few ‘only worn twice’ items in my closet as we speak.  Visit Swap.com today and try the following coupon codes.

Free Shipping Codes 

  • SWAPONFS (first time order only)
  • FS4UJULY (valid thru July 31st 2017)

% Off

  • RMN35 (first time order only)

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