Amazon Dash Button: My First Experience Ordering An Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets Box

UPDATE 1/22/18

I just received an email today stating that Amazon will no longer carry the Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets Box. Rest assured, I’m sure Amazon will come up with an equally amazing subscription-style box. Feel free to read on to see how my first experience using an Amazon dash button went!


I love to snack and I have a particular weakness for sweet treats.  Most times I force myself to bake in order to curb my cravings…this is my ‘must work for food’ attitude.  However, with the Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets box, gooey delights are as close as the next press of my Dash button.  Dangerously sweet and super easy!

Of course Amazon has to make the process interesting as getting this sugary box is by invitation only for Prime members.  You can ‘apply’ for the Dash button but you’ll have to watch your email closely to see if you are one of the chosen invitees.  If selected, you just click the link, order the button and get the process underway.

The Dash button works like Amazon’s other various forms of the product – Shop Amazon Devices – Dash New Brand Launch. The initial cost of the button is around $5 which will be applied to your first order.  Set up directions are easy using a smartphone and the Amazon App.  To order your Prime Surprise Sweets box just press the Dash button once.  A green flashing light means success, a red light means the item is out of stock.  It is as simple as that!

The cost of the box is $18 every time you press that little Dash button.  What do you get?  Is it worth it?  Do you get the same box if you order more than once per month?  These are all valid questions that I have the answers to…just hang in there.

The box arrives neatly packaged with 2-day Prime shipping.  Once opened you are greeted with the information sheet that breaks down everything included in the box.  A little back story of each item makes the Prime Surprise Sweets box a great showcase for specialty candy, cookie and cake companies across the country.

Upon first glance you might find yourself hoping for more…but…just wait until you try some of these confections!  With approximately 6 different boxes available each month you can order more than one box with little fear of getting the same thing twice.  Of course what Amazon ships to you is random in the sense you are unable to pick and choose what your box contains.


Cape Whoopies – Britt’s Fav

This chocolate piece of heaven comes to you straight from Maine.  The company prides itself on using all-natural ingredients to make this whoopie pie decadent and top notch.  The package does not indicate an expiration date and retails for approximately $4.91 per pie.

  • Flathau’s Key Lime Snaps

The product description on this crunchy cookie gives you a brief history of how this shortbread gets it’s trademark crunch.  This family run business from Mississippi really knows their stuff!  My 4oz package expiration reads April 6, 2018 and a 6oz package retails for around $5.75 (I couldn’t find an accurate 4 oz price).

  • Chocolate Twist – Epic Sea Salt Caramels

This is as straight forward as a caramel can get.  Made with only 6 ingredients you can’t resist loving this product’s simplicity.  Unfortunately, the ‘Best By’ date on my package was 6/14/17 but that didn’t mean a thing.  These caramels were delightful.  Retail price for this 12 piece package is $12.

  • The Crispery – Cocoa Concoction Crispycake

This fluffy Virginian delight brings one back to being a child.  With more marshmallow than crispy, this crispycake gives you more of the gooey stuff we all love.  Talk about a sugar rush!  The package ‘Use By’ date is May 2018 with a retail price around $6.31 each.


After researching the pricing on these products I was a little disappointed that some of them weren’t easily found on Amazon.  Varying quantities might be available on a couple items, but the rest I had to find directly through their websites.

The total estimated value of this box came in at $28.97.  Not bad.  For the most part, this Amazon Prime Surprise Sweets box delivered a decent value.  BUT…yes there is a but.  I just find the sweets almost overly unique.  I don’t mind the uniqueness as much as I wish each item was more easily shareable.  I can’t really set out one whoopie pie for my husband and I to enjoy.  Hmmm, on second thought, maybe that’s a good thing…he doesn’t need to know about it!



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