Deep Discounts On Amazon?  Looking For Coupon Codes?  Learn More About Where I Find The Good Deals!

I have been using Amazon to shop for awesome deals for years.  There is nothing more exciting than saving boat loads of cash on things you need or want.  Aside from discount codes or coupons, Amazon also offers special Deep Discount items for the most frugal bargain shoppers.

Perhaps you already know where and how to score some deals?  If not, keep on reading and let me share with you how I go about securing lower than advertised prices.


Over the years many websites have offered valuable discounts in the form of coupon codes.  The ultimate goal was to increase an associated seller’s sales and influence review feedback while giving the buyer a financial incentive.   Needless to say, for the most part those days are long gone.

Amazon recognized the need to ensure reviews could not be bought or sold.  That is a very good thing if you are a regular shopper who reads reviews to help judge the value and quality of your purchase.  You want reviews that have not been swayed by savings…you want them to be completely honest.  In most cases Amazon will not accept your review if you use a coupon code.

While retailers still offer discount coupon codes, you just need to know where to find them.  There are a few different sites out there that offer these types of services and incentives.  Listed sellers stand to gain precious sales traffic as the site itself benefits from the click-through traffic and you are rewarded with sharp discounts.

One site I use to hunt down coupons is (formerly  Membership is free and coupon codes are instant.  New products are introduced daily and typically come from new sellers introducing their products.

Many products do come from overseas, however you can still find great deals sold directly through Amazon with Prime free delivery.  This is an added layer of protection if by chance your package fails to arrive or you are unhappy with what you receive.

From housewares to beauty products and electronics has lots to choose from.  Over the past two years I’ve purchased solar lights, kitchenware, pet items, clothing and even grocery stuffs.  Varying degrees of discounts can score you anywhere from 30% to 50% off, up to 90% off or almost free!

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you stand to save additionally because of possible free shipping!  Just be sure to pay attention to the seller’s shipping methods and whether or not the item qualifies for Prime shipping.


If coupon sites don’t offer exactly what you are looking for never fear, you may still have an opportunity to save.  Make sure to check out all Special Offers and Product Promotions on your desired product page.  You may find some fine print that includes a coupon code!

Many times I’ve run across sellers such as the one below.  This sample offers a percentage off based on a multi-piece purchase.  Perhaps a seller will even give you a reasonable discount if you purchase 3 or more products available in that seller’s store.  Be sure to check out the restrictions and the “Here’s How” directions in order to receive your discount.

I’ve even gambled and added items I want to my wishlist.  Notifications will pop up to let you know that prices have decreased or increased.

Just remember, the sales game is based on supply, demand and what other sellers are listing their like-items for.  Typically, the lower priced item, especially with good reviews, will sell more units.  Competitive sellers know this and will reduce their prices to get in on a piece of the action.


Still not finding the discounted product you really want?  Try looking at Amazon’s Open-Box or Used products available in their Warehouse or Deep Discounts sections.  If you do it right, you can find some slick savings on things that are brand new with minimally damaged packaging.

Used items and Open-Box items are clearly marked in each area of this store.  The “see more choices” button will allow you to see what else is out there and at what price.

In the below example you can see a savings of nearly $5 simply because a box has some damage.  I’d recommend shopping for these types of items with fulfillment by Amazon or sold by  At the very least, order through a reputable seller and avoid used items.

As you can see, Amazon has Deep Discount sections for just about anything you could want.  Kitchen items, sporting goods, tools, cameras and electronics, the list is nearly endless.  Follow the links listed below to see for yourself what gems they might have hiding on their warehouse shelves.









If you are the type that likes to cruise through the clearance aisle to find a great deal, Amazon has that too!  This section has a little of everything – click on Outlet Deals to check it out.

You may stumble across great savings on the last item a seller has.  You may eve find a seller who is cutting deals on items it has too many of.  Whatever the case, you can still save big.

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