Walmart Beauty Box Review

First things first, this is not my first rodeo receiving Walmart’s Beauty Box.  Almost a year and a half ago I stopped my membership because I was moving.  Now that things have settled down, I have decided to order the box once again. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like getting surprises in the mail every so often?!

The great thing about the Walmart Beauty Box is the price point.  At only $5 it won’t break the bank or cause one’s husband to become irrate.  Technically, you are only paying for shipping while the contents are free of charge.  They arrive once per season, so at $20 per year the investment is minimal.  The contents are not very customizable but since my first experience with the Beauty Box, Walmart has introduced a preference quiz.  I can only assume this helps them narrow down what they will send you.

In most cases and as supported by my past experience, many of the products are travel size samples.  I find these come in handy on weekends away or short trips to see family.  They are quality name brands and they do a great job of allowing you to become more acquainted with a product.  Of course, all products sent in your box are available at Walmart or

In my Summer 2017 box I received the following:

  • Dove advanced care cool essentials 48 hour anti-perspirant 
  • Dove go fresh rejuvenate body wash

  • Pantene dream care shampoo
  • Pantene dream care conditioner

  • TRESemme extra firm control hairspray
  • Ecotools mask remover sponges
  • SmileShop free scan or $55 off impression kit coupon

For the most part I’m please with the value I received in my box.  Dove, Pantene and TRESemme are all great products I have had a history of using so it was nice to try out a few of the ‘new-to-me’ scents.  The ecotools mask remover sponges were interesting and would have made more sense had a facial mask actually been included in the Beauty Box.  

Coupons on the other hand are good but I’m sure history will prove that most coupons go unused.  Just pay close attention because I’ve known some of these coupons to give you a full-sized product for free!

I do look forward to receiving my fall 2017 box in the hope I receive more intriguing products.  In the past I have received lip colors, skin care products and yes, awesome coupons.  

In the end, the value is acceptable and the fun you get for $5 is a bargain.  It is a great introductory subscription box for all ages.  The best part? You don’t have to be a makeup diva to enjoy it.  Personal body care has as much to do with beauty as makeup does, this box certainly supports that fact.

Interested in starting your own subscription?  Visit #WalmartBeautyBox to sign up today!

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