Hello Fresh:  Meal Delivery Review & Valuable Coupon Link!

Happy Birthday to me and tonight’s dinner will be ala Hello Fresh!  A few days ago I received a wonderful coupon in my most recent PINCHme freebie box.  The value was $30 off a Hello Fresh order which I found too good to ignore.  Considering 3 meals for 2 people usually runs around $60 on their site, this would be an amazing deal.  Stay tuned until the end…because the deal I have for you is even better at $40 off!

I received my box via UPS this afternoon.  The delivery was easy to track with the email Hello Fresh sent out in advance.  I was amazed at the heft of the box and was eager to dive right in and check things out.  I was not disappointed!

At the top of the box I was presented with a few coupons via the #helloperks envelope.  Along with that I found recipe cards corresponding with the contents of my Hello Fresh box.

For those of you who might be worried about food spoilage or not being able to get to your delivery until after working hours…no need to fret!  The entire box is blanketed well with insulation.  This keeps the heat out and the cold in.  In far northern temps, I imagine this would keep the contents from freezing too quickly in the winter months.

Each meal comes packaged separately which makes every recipe’s ingredients easy to grab and go.  All of the guesswork is taken out of creating a great meal which is especially handy if you are in a hurry.  Or, super helpful if cooking amazing culinary delights overwhelm you.

Under the bottom tray is where you will find the more temperature sensitive ingredients such as meats.  Surrounded by the same insulation and ice packs my chicken and salmon remained properly refrigerated.  It was all packaged well with no juicy meat leakage which was a HUGE bonus!

I took all ingredients out of the bag so you can see the value each meal gives you.  Personally, there is no way I could have purchased all of these ingredients for the $60 asking price, let alone the $30 I paid with my discount coupon!  Check it out.  Below you will see 3 full meals, each serving 2 people.  The only thing that could make this deal any better is dessert!

In summary, I really don’t think you can go wrong with this particular meal delivery service.  Of course the ultimate test will be at dinner tonight but I’m pretty certain…judging by the quality of the ingredients…my birthday meal will be awesome!

So, without further ado, lets get to some discount savings for you!  By following this link to Hello Fresh you can save $40 on your first box!  You can choose from many meal plans for 2 or more people (yes they have family plans!), skip weeks, choose from a wide variety of menus each week or cancel anytime.  The only catch?  You might just fall in love with the value.

No kidding, a box like the one I just reviewed will only cost you $20!

Just download the app on your device and click here –> I’ve Got To Try Hello Fresh!


    1. I’ve cooked 2 of the 3 meals so far and I’m impressed. The ingredients are awesome, the serving sizes are quite large (yes we had leftovers) and the value can’t be beat. With my $40 off link anyone can try it for very little out of pocket. I’m glad I did it!


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