PINCHme: A Free Sample Box Review & Referral Code

I’m all for free stuff so when I heard about the PINCHme box offering free samples in return for reviews, I was there.  It was easy to sign up and fill out my personal profile.  Most of what I read, lead me to believe that all sample boxes would come loaded with great freebies.  However, I didn’t understand exactly how PINCHme worked.

For starters, yes, you need to sign up and fill out your profile.  This process also includes filling out a short questionnaire and adding past samples to your wishlist.  Things work best when you have a referral so feel free to click any of my PINCHme links on this page.

Find my PINCHme Referral Code here!

Sample Day happens once a month.  On this day, manufacturers offer samples to those who qualify within the demographics they are targeting.  In order to secure samples you should log in as soon as they become available.  This typically happens on a Tuesday at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time.  A count down clock can be found on their homepage so you always know when to be ready.

On my first Sample Day I was fortunate enough to be allowed my choice of 3 samples.  Mind you, this was 3 out of only 3 items that were available to me.  Limited choices made filling my PINCHme box simple enough.  Muse cat food, Purina Pro Plan dog food and Orbit White gum rounded out my options.

It was nearly 3 weeks before I received my PINCHme box in the mail.  The items I received were exactly what I had chosen during Sample Day.  Additional coupons were an added bonus I hadn’t expected and they made the box a bit more special.  Great value coupons were definitely worth a closer look.

Allowing time for product use, the PINCHme site posts the exact date you will be able to give feedback (under your profile info).  Tips are also listed on this page so you can form appropriate and informative reviews of the free products you receive.  Coupons do not require reviews.  I believe feedback must be completed on your items before being allowed more free items during the next Sample Day.

I did end up using all of my samples along with one of the coupons.  The HelloFresh gift card value was almost too good to pass up.  I received $30 off a $60 package of 3 meals for 2 people.  I will be posting a separate blog on this experience once I receive my meals.

All in all, PINCHme has a lot of potential if you qualify for a wide range of products within your demographic.  The best part of this sample box is that it is COMPLETELY FREE.  Perhaps my sample choices will increase as I complete more reviews and prove myself worthy.

The site also sends out regular emails with special offers and discounts as well as offers available via their homepage.  There are added drawings on numerous social media venues for the competely full boxes you see everyone rave about.  Oh if only I could be so fortunate!   So, if you want another place to look for good discounts and free stuff, PINCHme could be your answer!

Check out PINCHme & sign up today!  As I learn more about this site I’ll be sure to share the info with you!

Don’t forget to check out PINCHme on Facebook as well as Instagram.


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