Hello Fresh: A Two Serving Meal Stretched To Serve More

If you’ve read my initial review of Hello Fresh, then you know how wonderful I think this meal delivery program is.  Most days, dinner is prepared for my husband and I so the 2-serving meals from Hello Fresh are perfect.  However, there are times when my son is home and lucky enough for us we were able to stretch our third of three meals to feed us all.

Butternut squash agnolotti was one of the meals I was looking most forward to.  Although I’m not a squash fan, the descriptive photo made this dish look irresistible.  Luckily, the recipe card only called for using half of the included kale.  This meant I had extra greens to utilize in my plan to serve an amazing meal for three.

Luckily, I had a partial bag of Schwan’s Six Cheese Tortellini hidden at the bottom of the freezer.  This would work perfect as an additional element to the dish.

Following the recipe card I started the dish as directed.  I did double the butter for the brown butter sauce but otherwise the directions were followed closely.  The entire bag of kale was used to round out and balance the increased pasta portion of the dish.

The results were amazing!  I ended up with a total of five good sized servings without any additional effort.  It just took a little creativity with a few things I already had.

Because I had two men I was feeding besides myself I dug into the freezer once again.  A Trader Joe’s French baguette was the perfect thing to go with this meal.  Coupled with the leftover Hello Fresh pesto from menu two of three, this meal was exciting to dig into.

Again, Hello Fresh for a win!  CLICK HERE TO SAVE $40 on your first order with Hello Fresh!  For three, 2-person Classic Plan meals your final cost will only be $20.  Arrange your deliveries, choose your menus, skip weeks or cancel anytime!  Commit to as many or as few meals as you want.

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