FREE Daily Goodie Box:  Round Two

After receiving my first ever Daily Goodie Box a few months ago, I knew I had to get my hands on another one!  I was so impressed with everything I had received for FREE..yes, I said FREE!  As I was not on their regular member list (assuming they have one), I had to increase my odds by encorporating good old fashioned luck.

Many boxes are given away to those who comment, like and share Daily Goodie Box posts on social media.  Whenever I saw a DGB post on my Facebook and Instagram, I was there.  Perhaps much to the annoyance of my followers, but it paid off.  My second box was awarded in October…and what a box it was!

Of all the products, the Mirabella eyeshadow was by far my favorite.  Where else can you get a full-sized sample product?!  Admittedly, I was a little worried the “glisten” would prove to be too shimmery for this 40-something face and hooded eye lids.  Fortunately, this shadow was just right!  The palette was perfect for fall and accented my blue eyes wonderfully.  

Another product I was excited to try was a silicone beauty blender by Pure Cosmetics.  I had heard great reviews on similar products but had never tried them myself.  The blender itself was much like what I’d imagine a breast implant would be.  Soft, supple, and non-absorbent, this blender allowed me to use half the product I would normally use when applying foundation with my fingertips.  I liked it, yet in a way I felt it was more difficult to control the exact application of makeup on my skin.

Now for the fun stuff…the sweets!!  Who doesn’t love Now And Later?  This product took the chewy candy up another notch by adding a candy shell.  They were good and I was happy my bag contained a good amount of the banana flavored chews.  Kids would love these…an old favorite made new.

On top of the aforementioned candy I received Piroulines.  I’ve had these before but was saddened by the fact that my sample was completely crushed.  I suppose that is something to keep in mind if you ever order these online.  Still, I nibbled up the sweet snack like they were going out of style.  Whole or crushed, these sticks (or crumbs) are irresistible.

Yes, there was even more sweet goodness to be had and once again, it was something I had tried before.  I first received Flathau’s Key Lime Snaps in my Amazon Surprise Sweets box and loved them.  They are a light crunchy cookie laced with little bits of candy.  With that description you know they have to be sweet!  They are a perfect mix of a supple shortbread cookie with just the right amount of sweetness.

With all that sugar, Daily Goodie Box most assuredly felt they needed to give us something healthy…yet sweet.  The Kur Coconut Cashew chew does just that.  With no added sugar this bar would satisfy the sweet tooth of even the most strict health nut.  It is a great option to satisfy that craving without turning to sugar, food coloring and artificial flavorings.  And did I mention, it is USDA organic?!

Coming down from that sugar high…natural or not…Daily Goodie Box supplied a little energy.  Inko’s Organic Energy is just the thing to try if you are into energy drinks.  I’m pretty sensitive to anything involving caffeine so this was one for my 20 year old son to try.  It says that it is jitter-free, non-carbonated and USDA organic.  Another good option to provide a little zip to your healthy step!  

I love natural products, especially when it comes to cleaning liquids.  Sun & Earth natural laundry detergent was just the thing I needed to try.  It does the job while being safe for my septic system and the earth.  The light citrus scent was pleasant.  If I saw it in the store, I’d give it another try!

And, last but not least…this gem leaked it’s pleasant smell all throughout my Goodie Box.  Nellie’s all-natural Wrinkle-B-Gone has a great lemongrass scent that I adore.  It worked well on minimal wrinkles and was great as a fabric refresher.  For those tough wrinkles I’d still recommend using spray starch and an iron.  If you are like me, the iron only comes out when I want that crisp impeccable look.

All in all, this was a fabulous box for the month of October.  I gave each product a review on the Daily Goodie Box website…that’s all they ask in return!  It definitely made it worth my time to like, comment and share my way to being awarded a box.  Now if only I can keep that lucky streak going!

Are you interested in receiving a FREE Daily Goodie Box?  Sign up HERE!  Don’t forget to like them on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.  Make sure you comment, like and share their posts…you might just get lucky too!!

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