Homestead Hustle: Tips To Choosing A Greenhouse

Have you ever heard the old saying, “The early bird gets the worm?” Well, in the business of selling produce at farmer’s markets this fact couldn’t be more true.

In my most recent blog on Homestead Hustle, I share with you some of the factors I considered when choosing a greenhouse for our 25 acre farm. My husband will appreciate that it is a complete kit instead of creating a DIY project from scratch. CLICK HERE to read all about it!


  1. Hi, I read your article and enjoyed it. My husband and I are looking at the very same one only a 8 x 12. This is our first time for doing a greenhouse. We live in Central Ontario where we gets lots of snow and sometimes temperatures of -30 something at night. We are off the grid and we were wondering if we have to install heating in the greenhouse. Also, we were thinking of putting gravel and patio stones down for the flooring. We would be interested in any tips you could give us.


    1. Being as far north as you are, supplemental heat may be needed if you intend on growing in the greenhouse year round. To retain as much heat as possible, the gravel or patio stones are a great option. We have yet to put up our greenhouse. At the first sign of spring we will be on it! On our farm, we will only use the greenhouse to extend the growing season; early in spring, summer and late fall. We also plan on growing directly in the dirt floor and not using supplemental heat.


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