Our Newly Constructed Concealment Wall

When my husband and I first considered our farmhouse remodel we thought we had covered nearly every base. We wanted a large open floor plan, lots of kitchen counter space, a wood stove and beautiful floors. Little did we realize, by not concealing one side of the refrigerator, it would serve as a pet hair collection area. Besides that, it made the mechanical workings of the ice machine a little loud.

After recognizing the issue, we vowed to build a partial extension wall to completely enclose this corner of the kitchen. It was a simple enough project, so on a whim I decided to tackle it myself.

I constructed the framework of the wall so the fridge would still peek out from the kitchen. My thoughts were, the smaller the wall, the more open the kitchen would remain to the living space.

Taking things one step further, I designed shelf space within the wall. By lining the back wall with metal we would be able to use this area for magnetic To-Do lists. This would keep us from using the front of the fridge for this purpose and eliminate the risk of magnets marring the stainless steel doors.

My husband did a good job of mudding the seams for me. I was able to sand, paint and trim out the remainder of the project. All in all, I think it turned out as I had envisioned. If in the future we no longer wish to use the magnetic backer board, more shelves can easily be added to display nicknacks.

The storage cubby at the bottom of the insert was a great way to store loose items such as extra magnets and dry erase markers. This wall turned out to be a functional and unique way to make use of a concealment wall. I just love it!



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