Fab Fit Fun: A Totally Honest Review & $10 Off Link

I know you’ve seen many celebs unbox their Fab Fit Fun seasonal package. They always start off by going on a 4-5 minute rant describing how it is so much fun and how the products are equally as fabulous.  But, have you ever wondered if this subscription box is really all that?


If you know me you also know I like to be thrifty.  I’ve tried a few subscription boxes in my time and I’ve always leaned towards the inexpensive option.  When I looked further into Fab Fit Fun, the first thing I did was take into account the price.  At around $50 per season, I was a little taken aback at spending that much on a box filled with items I had no way of choosing for myself.

After doing a little math I was able to put myself at ease.  In the past, I was willing to pay $10 a month for an IPSY bag, so I used this as a reference.  Since seasonal boxes come once every 3 months I was looking at a total cost of just under $17 each month – that’s like 2 trips to Starbucks people!  In other words, there are worse things I’ve blown $17 on, so why not try it?

Considering I’d be receiving full-sized, quality products and things other than makeup – I was game to give Fab Fit Fun a try. If at any time I found that Fab Fit Fun wasn’ t for me, I could cancel my subscription.  No harm, no foul.

Truly, the hardest part of this entire process was waiting to get my box in the mail!  Seasonal boxes are shipped in March, June, September and December.  Each box contains products worth over $200 in retail value and I was going to be super critical with my review.


Upon receiving my box I was quite impressed with it’s size and heft.  This box was no joke!  I couldn’t wait to get it back to the house and see what $50 actually afforded me.

The contents of the box were nicely presented and covered in a nice layer of tissue wrap.  This kept me in suspense, even if just for a few seconds longer.  If my nose was any indicator, this box contained some items I was sure to love.  It smelled heavenly of coconut…I adore coconut!

Tearing past the tissue, my eyes took it all in.  This bad boy was filled to the brim with some very exciting products.

THE CONTENTS – WINTER 2017 Fab Fit Fun Box

8 Other Reasons – 9 Lives Choker in silver color, retails for $58

This choker was simple yet classy. The adjustable extension chain made for a comfortable fit. I could easily see myself wearing this all year round.

thisworks – Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, retails for $29

This spray was very reminiscent of essential oils I have used for the same purpose. Lavender, vetivert and chamomile round out this delightfully calming spray.

Nelson J Beverly Hills – Moisture Healing Hair Mask in coconut scent, retails for $23

Yes! This was the source of the yummy creamy coconut wafting from my box. Complete with 100% argan oil, the dry winter static cling in my hair will be a thing of the past. AND, I’ll smell awesome!

Kate Somerville – ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment, retails for $75

Dry, flaky skin on my face is a huge problem for me – no matter the season. This exfoliant uses both chemical and physical means to make my skin silky smooth. As the box states, papaya, pumpkin and pineapple enzymes make for a perfect polish!

AHAVA – Mineral Hand Cream, retails for $33

This one, what can I say, it is superb. The scent is out of this world while feeling amazing on the hands. Farm hands never rest and typically show it. I put this beauty by the sink so I can use it every day!

Homemade by Ayesha Curry – Ceramic Mug, retails for $16

Cute, cute, cute, sums up this mug and my love for a good latte. The girl in me loves having my own pink mug so this one was a winner!

DOUCCE – Freematic Eyeshadow Pro Palette in Smokey, retails for $70

Containing both shimmery color and matte color this palette is very well rounded. The magnetic case allows me to remove or change out shadows as I use them. The large bronze highlighter makes for a great dual-purpose set.

Pointe Studio – Aloe Infused Cozy Socks, retails for $19

I’ve had other aloe infused socks in the past but I like the fact these are tall and super soft. They will hold in the heat while helping my feet retain a little more moisture after a hot bath.

BB Dakota – Poncho in Charcoal, retails for $70

Although this poncho first appears to be a wrinkly mess, it relaxed a bit and ended up being super casual and cozy. I own a few blanket ponchos and love their ability to keep me warm. I like the fact this particular BB Dakota version does not have fringe…I’m not a fringe or ruffle type of girl. This goes great with a long sleeved shirt, skinny jeans and boots!


As you can see, Fab Fit Fun does not skimp on the products they put in their seasonal box.  I enjoyed the fact that I could use a product more than a handful of times because I received full-sized bottles, not just samples! I thought all of the products I received were high quality and smelled glorious!

Everything in this box was relevant to the season and dealing with cold weather. Many of these products could be used just as well in Los Angeles as they could be here in North Dakota. The box made me feel more like a classy adult as compared to the teenybopper vibe I’ve gotten from other subscriptions.

I enjoyed the fact that my box contained items I could wear, not just makeup or personal care products.  Jewelry, socks and a poncho….I love wearing ponchos in the frigid North Dakota winter!  This box was totally me.

Even the eyeshadow palette was interesting and functional enough I could use it over and over again. With the case being magnetic, the flexibility of this product makes it stand out from other subscription beauty products.  Sure, some of the colors may have not been what I’d have chosen but the shades were lovely enough.

In every way this box exceeded my expectations. Each item was useful, the value for the price point of $50 was fabulous and something that would appeal to most women. Yup, the celebs were right, this box in my opinion is awesome!

So, if by chance you have read to the end of my review and you find yourself interested. Try Fab Fit Fun today and follow the link below to receive $10 off your first box. I don’t think you’ll be sorry!

$10 Off Your First Box!


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