The Great Everyday Person Award Goes To….YOU!

As I sit here watching the Golden Globes 75th Anniversary Special its great to see so many people having been honored for their achievements. Honored for the part they play in life and in their chosen occupation. What I often wonder is why don’t we…the general public…have awards nights?

After all, don’t we work hard? Don’t we play a large part in this global production called Life? Of course we do!

Granted, some of us play roles rarely recognized by the greater majority as being “special” or “unique”. Either that, or our roles are too relatable, unremarkable or otherwise noted as being mundane and easily achievable.

Asking those closest to us, one would surely find that our role in their lives IS something special. And, as you and I both know, Life and our role in it isn’t always easily achievable. It is a lot of hard work! We deserve to walk that red carpet too!

I’d love the opportunity to attend a posh party, dressed to the nines. Donning a gown designed specifically for me, one that would showcase only my best features. To be pampered, polished and treated like I truly am someone special in this world. Think of it, a party to end all parties! Deluxe party favor bags, fine dining and the drink of choice is champagne or whatever my heart desires.

Not that I care to win an award or need to prove myself to be at the top of my game. But, don’t you find it sad that the average Everyday Person doesn’t have a special night to be acknowledged?

We (as in all of us everyday people) should start The Everyday Person Press and accept donations to fund the cause. Much like drawing names out of a hat, Everyday Persons would be chosen at random to attend the all-expense-paid evening. I for one, would love to win an invitation to The Great Everyday Person Awards. I promise not to complain about how tight my dress is or walking in Jimmy Choo heels all night!

I won’t hold out much hope for The Great Everyday Person Awards to become a reality. Instead perhaps, I should start writing my own biography….ok ok, I’m wrapping it up. Thank you everyone! You are amazing! I’m so very appreciative that you took the time to read this…good night! Thank you!

[exiting the stage, tripping over my imaginary Jimmy Choo’s]



    1. Perhaps we are on to something here. The fellas might cringe but…one night per year (other than New Year’s Eve), dress in our best duds and go out on the town. It wouldn’t compare to the red carpet but it could go a long way in making a person feel special!


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