Attracting Positivity: The Laws Of Attraction & Expending The Energy You Wish To Attract

If you hadn’t heard the theory that positivity attracts positivity then maybe you should read this article. Over the years I’ve tried to experiment with the thought that what you put into the world, comes back to you. A bit like Karma. Like attracts like. Positive energy breeds positive energy. And, negativity…well, you get the drift.

The Law Of Attraction:

Is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life

Sharing a simple smile is proof enough of this theory. If you direct a smile at someone, you will likely receive a smile in return. A relatively small act can shape the attitudes of people around you. The positive energy you expend can ultimately shape your life.

On the flip side of the coin there is also the manner in which we choose to handle negativity. When facing unexpected hurdles, the attitude we use to overcome them, can also define us. It can tell the world, “I’m so sad, woe is me, I’m always the victim”, or “No problem, I’m strong, I can overcome this.” That energy surrounds every decision, every bump in the road or every eventual outcome we experience.

Over the last few years I have found it difficult to see loved ones struggle with the state of their lives. I see them redirect the blame and joke about negative outcomes as if they were to be expected. Others, lift up their state of wellbeing by directing an eye towards positive thoughts or encouraging words of wisdom. A choice few, just accept negativity as a being a constant and perpetual way of life and do nothing about it.

Even if you don’t buy into the idea that energies attract like energies, you have to realize that attitudes create an eerily similar reaction. A bad attitude can fester and inundate every part of your life. The same holds true with having a loving nature, being a leader or having enough drive to move yourself forward.

Perhaps the biggest question I would love to ask each of these people is this, “How do you see yourself in comparison to how others to see you?”. The first part of the question begs the need to take a close look at one’s self. Often times, from the inside out, we forget that people can’t see every aspect of who we are. They aren’t privy to our thoughts, our values, our dreams or aspirations. They only see what we project by our actions.

Once we have a handle on who we are or who we want to be, the second part of the question validates where we go astray. Our choice in friends or acquaintances are a direct reflection of how we are judged by others. I’m not talking about race, color, gender, etc.. I’m talking about ideals, values, attitudes and actions. Peer pressure, the desire to fit in, those things morph who we are. It doesn’t matter if we are 14 or 40, many of us blindly follow the leader.

However unfair or false you deem this fact to be, this is also where it gets interesting. Collectively, we begin to absorb and share the attitudes and energies of our chosen peer group. If your friends are whiners and overly pessimistic, chances are, you will be too…you just may not realize it.

I’m not suggesting that you need to wipe the friendship slate clean. In fact, the key in all of this is to acknowledge you have the power to create change. To accept the responsibility that only you can decide for yourself what energy you put out there and what type of energy you can expect to get back.

Only YOU can decide or determine who you are and how best to show it. Positivity is contagious when it is consistent. Be the change, share that smile and strive to reflect who you know yourself to be. Before you know it, you may be surrounded with an entire group of friends with encouraging attitudes and vibrating with a ton of positive energy! That’s like a lightening rod for all good things to come your way!


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