Nurturing Your Skills: What Comes Easy To You, May Not To Others

Over the past few years I’ve been learning a lot about my natural skills and using them to create a fulfilling lifestyle. As humans, we love to do things we enjoy. Hands down, we WANT to do what we WANT to do, instead of HAVING to do what we NEED to do. The key is to find the right balance between the two and realizing how we live our lives can be a direct result of choosing utilize or ignore these skills.

So, to jump off my high horse…what am I learning? Well, I’m finding what truly excites me are the things I’m inherently good at. Growing a garden, sales, design, photography, writing, reading, creating, logical/introspective/alternative thinking, working with animals, natural health and the list goes on.

In my naivety, I thought everyone was or could be proficient at these things if they just took the time. What comes naturally to me requires effort, but an interested effort. I love to dig in and learn more about things that interest me, I’m a sponge! However, I tend to downplay my knowledge because I feel there is still so much to learn. At no point will I ever tell you that I have a subject “aced”.

What I immediately failed to recognize is that we ALL have our own unique skill sets. Just because I can easily absorb something doesn’t mean that someone else can also. Alternately, we have skills that are much more lack luster – likely because we have no interest.

Considering the things we are good at, we shouldn’t sell ourselves short (thank you Jamie). Yes, we should be humble, but we should cling to those things with a sense of pride and accomplishment. We have been blessed with a special aptitude.

Equally so, we should find peace with what skills we do not carry. Either that, or learn to nurture them if they are valuable enough to us to want to do so.

For myself, I’ve set a few goals to be more mindful of a few talents that do not come naturally to me. Be they skills or admired qualities, there are some things I WANT to change about myself. I want to develop and challenge myself a little deeper than the traits naturally inborn within me. And trust me, a few of these will be tough for me – like foreign language tough!

In the meantime, I will continue to seek out and perfect upon those things I am good at. If there is a passion or an interest in your heart, I encourage you to grab onto it and let it grow. God gave you that gift for a reason, you simply need to nurture it and allow Him to lead you.



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