The Way We Think: Choose To Aspire

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve pondered life and how the way we think effects our lives. Life isn’t necessarily something we can plan out and expect to develop as we intend it. Sometimes things happen, situations occur which alter our thinking and ultimately alter our decisions. Life reveals itself as an ever-evolving, living thing, formed and influenced by all of those unexpected twists and turns. Before you know it, our so-called, well planned path, transforms into something we could have never foreseen.

Early on in our lives, we live with little fear. We may feel there is time to make changes and corrections if an outcome isn’t quite what we expected. Many tend to go for it, live freely and for lack of a better word, aspire. Fear isn’t much of a reality because our hopes and dreams appear far brighter on our path moving forward.

As our age increases, so too do our commitments and responsibilities. Fear enters stage left and the next thing you know, we become hesitant when it comes to taking chances. Anxiety surrounds every big decision we are faced with. At times, we become so overwhelmed we stagnate or fail to make a decision to move forward. We can’t move past the thought of, “what-if X, Y, Z happens?” We may end up resisting what we know in our hearts we are being lead to do.

After a brief visit with a friend who is facing a life changing decision it occurred to me that life waits for no man. In fact, I’ve experienced the anguish of giving up what life currently “is” to gain a life that “could be”. Notice the grey word? Could. There is no guarantee that “could be” would be better than “is”, but what if “could be” turned out to be all that and more?

The truth of the matter is that only God knows. He gives us thoughts, feelings or even a pull to do things through our God given desires or talents. Sometimes, it requires one grand leap of faith, an acceptance in all that is and is to come. There is so much we cannot see and will not see until the time is right.

I can say this, I do not regret my decision to seek out a life that “could be”. My leap has brought with it some pretty fantastic experiences and friends. My fear of losing what I was accustomed to or connections I valued, were unfounded. Those things will always exist, just in a different, somewhat less convenient, more cherished format.

So, to the new friend facing her decision I say this, follow your heart. Family will always be family, love will always be cherished and the whisper you hear is God preparing you. Living is about dealing with all the crazy messiness that comes with the joy and pleasure of pursuing your passion. Make the decision to live the life God is pulling you to live. Let Him take care of the rest.

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