Inalienable Rights

Inalienable Rights by definition is the inability of a right to be taken away or given away by the possessor. Just as with the right to exercise religion, it is a freedom intended to always be there, but whether you choose to utilize those rights is solely up to you. Our rights are not to be taken lightly, they were born by the sacrifice made by many who fought to defend themselves, their families and their country – The United States Of America. To live freely, where once they had been unable to do so.

Forgive me as I vent a little bit on the recent surge of students joining the “movement” surrounding gun control. Understandably, much of the movement stems from so many of our young adults wanting to feel safe in school. Ironically, what many fail to acknowledge is that the majority of attacks were made by students, just like them. Students who were bullied, made fun of and otherwise also wanted to feel safe and secure when they attended school. Sadly, those students fought back to put an end to their suffering because traditional means to stop the bullying did not work. They wanted to be heard. The damage was done.

Now, with that said, are guns the real problem here?

That’s what big agenda wants you to believe – that guns are the problem. Blame it on the guns, start a movement, be a force in putting an end to such needless violence. In some respects, this IS a good lesson to learn…we can be the spark to create an awareness and challenge socially accepted standards.

We stand as a shining example of the type of future our society will breed. We dictate what behaviors are socially acceptable and what morals are being taught to our children. Some may still argue and say we can’t hide our children from today’s “acceptable society” but aren’t WE THE PEOPLE the ones who have created and influenced our society?

Without changing the way we the society, behaves, thinks and deems socially acceptable, we don’t stand a chance. Our world is NOT about “I” or “me”, it is about “us” and “we”. In essence, this movement is placing blame on a weapon instead of placing blame on the faults and failures of our own humanity.

When it comes to our rights as a society, the trickle effect of losing control can be long lasting and devastating. Take away legal gun ownership, illegal gun ownership and crime will still happen. Take away food, the obese will lose weight while others would surely starve. Take away our freedoms, the very idea of having a say in our own destiny is handed over to someone else. We will no longer be left with a decision on how we live our lives – all of that will be decided for us. Enter communism and total dictatorship stage left.

For now, We The People still have the ability to make decisions for ourselves. We decide daily on our attitudes, our actions and what we want to eat for breakfast. We decide the values we want to teach our children along with the personal sacrifices we are willing to make in order to ensure they have the tools they need to be good, upstanding citizens and friends to others.

Start a movement of change at home. Teach, lead by example, be a friend, be someone who is not afraid to stand up and do what is right. Be welcoming of those who are different, who are outcasts or less understood. Reach out and be the one who says, ” I accept you for all that you are and all that you are not.” Just know this, we all are part of the same collective we call humanity – the human family. The choices and actions you make today will have far reaching consequences for all of us.

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