Spring? April 2018

This week we are still expecting temperatures way below normal and more snow. I think I can say that I’m officially tired of seeing the white stuff and long to see green, brown or any shade in between. It appears that much of the mid-west and the north east are in the same boat this year…and it is frozen in an ice jam!

So, where do we go from here? Well, I’ve replotted my garden spaces on paper for starters. Weeks ago I decided to not start any seeds inside which was a smart move at this point. I would hate to have gangly plants ready for the ground while another 3-5 inches of snow is expected and the ground has not even thawed. It’s going to be a slow garden season unless we go from 20 degrees to near 65 degrees within the next couple of weeks.

I have also passed my time tending to our new meat bird and turkey chicks currently taking up residence in my laundry room. My husband is hard at work constructing their coop in our Quonset while the pen area will have to wait for the thaw. Even if he were to finish the coop tomorrow, we would still have to wait for the mound of heavy, crusty, snow and ice to melt to place it.

The birds won’t know what ‘outside’ is for another 3-4 weeks….or more! This makes me sad, as for meat birds, that will be half their expected lifetime before being butchered. I would much prefer their lives would be spent more enjoyably, walking in green grass and living like real chickens do!

On the flip side, I am going to take aim at what I can control. My first target? The winter weight that has slowly crept up me. I’m considering the Keto diet which will require me to be very strict with my carbohydrate intake. So, why not make the next 2 weeks as miserable as possible and deal with snow, ice, freezing temps and carb flu all at the same time?!

In any case, spring is coming…eventually. The snow will likely melt very rapidly and the next thing I will be complaining about is the mud. But, you take the good, you take the bad and there you have the facts of life. I dare you to read that without singing the TV theme song!


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