Keto Journal: Day 1

Over the winter, many of us gain “sneaky weight”. It’s the type of weight gain that comes on so slowly before you know it, your fat pants become your only pair of comfortable jeans. Everything else in your closet no longer fits like it used to and sucking it in to get that zipper up becomes the norm.

Keto In Brief

After seeing a few facebook friends share their success with the Ketogenic Diet, I started researching. The program which is high-fat (70-80%), super low-carbs (30g or less) with moderate protein intake (20%) is designed to get the body burning fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. Google it and you’ll find lots of information.

What does this mean? Well, in short, this means your body will go through the work of feeding off it’s own fat stores instead of taking the easy route and burning carbs. Because carbs are so easily utilized, any overage of fat that is consumed, is stored. This is the #1 reason I’m having a hard time zipping my pants!

Results do vary but for the most part, those on the Keto Diet lose copious amounts of weight, improve their cholesterol numbers and even reduced their need for previously required medications. Look forward to blood sugar numbers stabilizing and high blood pressure to find normalcy.

During the past few weeks I have been preparing. I’ve gathered supplies and plenty of knowledge in an effort to better commit myself to the process. All I was lacking was a start date. After much procrastination, I sat down this morning to finally figure out when I was going to start. And…wouldn’t you know it, a wee small voice whispered, “You don’t need a date, you just need a decision.”

Thus began, Day 1.

The Hurdles

Carb-Flu and my brain gettin’ in the way. For the first part of Day 1 I was constantly catching myself longing to snack! Bad habits will be hard to break, but after taking my initial ‘start weight’ I was more determined than ever to make this work. My before pictures were also fairly eye opening…sigh.

Snacks, specifically those with high-carbohydrates, have always been my weakness. Breads, candies, cookies, crackers, pasta, you name it – anything sweet laying around the house was probably going in my mouth! And don’t get me started on wine.

From what I’ve read, the feeling of a body lacking carbs is not a pleasant one. Much like the flu, I can expect weakness, foggy brain, body aches, possible light headedness and numerous other symptoms. Sounds promising huh?

Once the initial carb deprivation has passed, the body should learn to burn fats for energy. Consumption of water, minerals and salts become super important – AND NO CHEATING.

Zero-Carb Shirataki Pasta, Creamy High-Fat Chicken & Asparagus is pictured above. As I get along in my blog I will offer some links to the products I’m using to help me in my journey!

Honestly, after preparing tonight’s high-fat dinner I am also realizing the Keto Diet is a real mind-F@#$! It goes against everything I have ever been taught about losing weight. Keep in mind, I am THAT girl who trims every bit of fat from a steak and has never fried an egg in oil. It will be a challenge for me to get my fats in.

Throughout this process I plan on blogging about what I’m experiencing. The ups, the downs, the whole shebang. Get your engines started folks this should be a riot!

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