Keto Journal: Days 4 & 5

I’m still trucking along with the Keto Diet and I’m feeling more positive about it each day. I’d like to tell you that its simply mind over matter but I truly believe it is far more than that. Changing the way you think about food, not giving into food desires to now eating mainly fats is a roller coaster ride! Once your body feels the changes, it is game-on, trying not to give up and take the easy energy road (aka carbs if you didn’t catch on).

As I’ve continued along in my journey I’ve noticed a few things. Yes, there are carbohydrate cravings but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I have come to realize how much my taste buds really enjoyed the comfort of things like chocolates and sweets. I’m so thankful for the Fat Bombs, they have helped tremendously by allowing that decadence without wrecking my diet.

Without all of the added sugars in my life, there is also a marked difference in the amount of plaque forming on my teeth. I told my husband just yesterday that my teeth feel like silk! And as gross as this may sound, I didn’t brush my teeth last night because I was so tired. In the morning my teeth were just as silky as the previous day (yes, I did brush them that morning). No more sour, bad tasting build up anywhere in sight.

I do feel the tug of tiredness come at me a bit harder right now. I’ve slept well in between the bouts of having to pee in the middle of the night as a result of increased water intake.

Headaches and foggy brain come and go. Fat Bombs and Kegenix PRIME have been my saving grace. They are an easy way to increase the fat consumption and electrolytes which have been a challenge as I’m getting started.

Oh, and the dreaded martini – let me explain. Alcoholic drinks should be one of those things that for the most part, you stay away from. Some Keto diets allow them on a very limited basis and only as long as they have no sugars, syrups or juices in them. Vodka, Gin, Dry Vermouth, Whiskey, Rum and Tequila are acceptable zero carb liquors if you are determined to have a few.

After learning this, my husband was very kind to pick up the ingredients for martinis. Not being too familiar with them, I mixed up a small one…a very dirty small one, with 3 olives and 2 spoons of olive juice. At first sip, I wasn’t too impressed. The second sip, it was growing on me. By the third (very tiny) sip, I was already feeling it. Like solidly BUZZED feeling it!

What did I learn? The Keto Diet can definitely effect the way a body processes alcoholic beverages. It is likely this sensitivity will happen with various drugs and alcohol being filtered through the liver. So, for the time being, I’m certain further martinis will not be in my repertoire.

As far as food consumption goes, I had to get down to the nitty gritty gram counts of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. I wanted to see how closely I was following along with the 75/20/5 ratios the Keto Diet suggests. As I suspected, I needed to start watching the protein percentage I was consuming. In the following chart you can see my calculations for eating a 1200, 1300 or 1400 calorie diet. Results from various sources say you’ll still lose weight even if you consume up to 1600 calories with the same 75/20/5 ratios. Starting out, you may opt for the higher caloric range because your body will be drained enough as it goes through carbohydrate starvation.

So there you have it, I’m still plugging along and feeling the effects. While not having reached optimal Ketosis yet ( 1.5-4.0 mmol/l) I’m hopeful it will be soon. Now that I’m narrowing down the details of my food consumption, in theory, the process should get easier. Right?


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