Keto Journal: Days 6, 7 & 8

Current Weight 154.8 pounds

Heading into my second week things are becoming easier. Finding foods and creating meals to satisfy the needs of both my husband and I has become more relaxed. My cravings have started to fade into the background, although, a desire for chocolate will never leave my side.

My morning Bullet Proof Coffee (BPC) and Kegenix PRIME kick off my day so I have the energy to get through my chores. Afterwards, my breakfast is a nice way to fuel up for the rest of my morning…I’m enjoying a farm fresh egg omelet daily! Alas, there are still a few hurdles I’m working on overcoming.


So I’ve had some struggles over the last few days and I’m slowly learning what they are and how to deal. The fullness I feel in my throat after meals is getting ridiculous and uncomfortable. For an hour or so after I eat I experience pressure and fullness low in my throat. Over time, the pressure is released by burping or gas bubbles releasing up my throat. I felt a persistent need to cough and clear my throat.

After scouring the internet I’ve chalked it up to indigestion (GERD) due to the increased fats in my diet. It does feel less full if I eat less, which kills two birds with one stone. Smaller meals = less calories in + less intense pressure. HOWEVER, I’m still trying to find better ways to knock this side effect down a few notches.

I have tried a little sodium bicarbonate in water (baking soda) to ease some of the gas production in my stomach and throat. It helps by adding a little sodium into my diet and bringing my stomach pH up to a more alkaline level. I’m not sure how this will effect the overall digestion/absorption of nutrients but it was a quick fix.

Honestly, I want to avoid medications whenever possible. Some have used over the counter acid reflux medications such as Nexium to help with these issues. I however do not want to go this route.

Over time, most folks following the Keto way of eating notice a huge reduction in acid reflux and heartburn. I do hope what I’m experiencing is temporary as my body adjusts to how I’m fueling it. The start of Day 8 has my throat scratchy…the dreaded Keto sore throat may be upon me soon. Sadly, I may have to lay off coffee – sigh.


For a while now I have been utilizing ketone urinalysis strips and I just wasn’t seeing any movement, even into Day 7. This particular set of strips had been sitting in the supposedly air tight bottle for a while and the reactant portion of the stick had a slight cream/pink hue. They all looked like this so I thought it was normal. Just a note – I bought these over a year ago.

Since I had another unopened pack of 100 still sealed in their original zip seal bag I decided to open them and see what they looked like. What a difference, the reactant tab on these had NO color! I immediately tested with one of the new strips and to my surprise – I WAS IN KETOSIS and likely had been for a couple days.

Needless to say, the freshness of your testing materials is imperative! Taking into account my throat fullness and the way I was feeling, I was starting getting excited to weigh in.

On the start of Day 8 I proudly stood on my scales which read 154.8 pounds! Physically, I couldn’t immediately tell you I noticed the loss of nearly 5 pounds, but I was glad to see some progress towards my 130-140 pound target weight.


Fettuccine Miracle Noodle was a tough one for me. Being the texture weirdo that I am, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Angel Hair version of this zero carb “pasta” went down. I had no issues. However, the Fettuccine shape and thickness in a sausage pesto pasta dish nearly had me pushing the plate away. Lucky me, I get to experience the leftovers for lunch today….ish.

I will have to come up with a better recipe to use up the second purchased package of this Fettuccine-style noodle. In no way will I be purchasing this form of Miracle Noodle again. Sorry Miracle Noodle!

Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts are THE BOMB! Once again the curse of the small town grocery drove me to Amazon to purchase these gems. At around $13 for a large 11oz bag they seemed a little spendy but I can tell you this now – they are worth every penny!

High in fats, these are the perfect snack when you want a little something salty. A handful satisfies well, even my husband remarked that I needed to keep the bag away from him. And secretly he noted that macadamia nuts might just have crept in line ahead of his favorite nut, the cashew! I order mine HERE!


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